That religion of peace, again.
Extreme Cruelty

Social justice is cancer

The headline has been changed: Female academics are too scarce. So their applications are going to the top of the pile:

Engineering has a huge impact on society. To responsibly advance science and technology, a university should be a balanced reflection of society. As a top engineering university we believe that diversity and inclusiveness is crucial for the quality of our teaching and research. More than that, we believe we can turn a fully representative academic workforce into a unique strength. This is why, from 1 July, all our job vacancies will be exclusively open to female candidates for the first six months after they are advertised.

Next: Our job vacancies will be exclusively open to mediocre coloreds for a few months.

Next: Our job vacancies will be exclusively open to inbred Muslims for a few months.

This is the destruction of civilization. The cost of this virtue signalling will be high as bridges and buildings fall and people are killed.


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