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Rejection can be lethal

A Muslim man goes postal:

At least four members of a family were gunned down and four others were injured over a matrimonial issue in Jalalpur Pirwala tehsil in Multan district on Sunday.

According to Jalalpur Pirwala police, the killer also committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. They said that 21-year-old Atiqur Rehman broke into the house of Rafique, located in Islampura village in Jalalpur Pirwala tehsil, and opened indiscriminate firing, killing three members of a family on the spot. Another woman succumbed to her injuries at Nishtar Hospital. [...]

Police told The Express Tribune that the family was shot dead for rejecting a marriage proposal. The girl for whom the marriage proposal was sent for was also killed in the innocent. The deceased victim’s sister also suffered injuries, said police.

Another story: same religion, different country:

An Iraqi citizen ( b . 1990 ) who came to Finland as an asylum seeker in autumn 2015 is today accused of murder at the District Court of Satakunta . A 29 – year – old man is suspected by the police to have murdered in September an older Pori woman ( b . 1964 ), with whom he had an affair. [...]

The woman’s announcing of the termination of the relationship led to an extraordinary bloody murder.


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