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CWC: Australia vs. Pakistan

Australia had a fantastic first-wicket partnership of 146 runs in 22 overs. They looked like cracking 400 runs at that point but when Warner fell for his excellent 107, the rest of the team fell apart. The Pakistani bowling was poor with one exception: Mohammad Amir became the leading wicket taker of this World Cup by taking five scalps. He now has 10 wickets in 3 matches. It would be funny and sad if he ends up being the leading wicket-taker of the tournament while not even making the semi-finals.

Anyway, let's see if Pakistan batting shows up to chase this or if they crumble like they did in the sorry 1999 World Cup final.

Pakistan scored 266 all out in 45.4 overs. The failures of Zaman, Malik, and Ali hurt them in the end. Hasan Ali and Wahab Riaz showed the middle order how to take risks.

"We probably made more mistakes," was Sarfaraz's candid and accurate assessment of this error-ridden game. "We won a good toss. The pitch was helping fast bowlers. We didn't bowl in the right areas. Until 30 overs, we were just not up to the mark. Batting, little, little mistakes. There was a partnership between Babar and Imam, Babar got out soft, Imam, Fakhar [Zaman] also, the entire top four got out to very soft dismissals."

That's it really and it leads to the simplest truth. You can't afford this many mistakes at any level of any sport, let alone at a World Cup.

Yup. Also, when three batsmen -- Zaman, Malik, and Ali -- score 5 runs combined, then chasing 300+ is nearly impossible.

Next big game? India vs. New Zealand tomorrow.

Next really big game? India vs. Pakistan on Sunday. Big things are expected from Zaman. We know what he's capable of. Pakistan has five games left. If he goes supernova soon, then Pakistan still have a chance.

Rain, rain, go away!

The match is abandoned. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will split points for this one, as 2019 becomes the World Cup with the most abandoned games. Just to explain the distinction between 'Abandoned' and 'No Result', let me quote Varun Shetty here: "A match is called Abandoned if no toss happens - today will be the second instance in this World Cup, making it the highest number of abandoned games in a WC.

Horrible for the spectators and even worse for the weaker teams who needed the points to have a chance of making the semi-finals. The weather has now spoiled three games in only five days!

New Zealand benefits the most as they are undefeated with 6 points. It would be utterly shocking if the Kiwis didn't make the semi-finals.

Halaal clowns

Muslims are raging against Nike:

A PETITION has been launched to stop an international sports brand from producing a trainer which it is claimed blasphemously has the name Allah imprinted into its sole.

Burnley and Pendle Friends League launched the petition, which has been signed by thousands of people in a matter of days, to stop Nike from making and selling the Air Max trainer, which allegedly depicts the Arabic word for Allah.

There really is no common ground with these people.

Mozaquir Ali, the group’s secretary, said Eid celebrations for many were spoiled for many Muslims in East Lancashire by the trainer depiction.

He said: “We are appalled and deeply hurt by this disgraceful action of Nike. “They have yet again hurt not only Muslims in Lancashire, or millions in the UK, but billions around the world.

“We now demand from Nike a total stop of the production and the sale of these trainers immediately and Nike must also make a public apology for the hurt they have caused.”

Rejection can be lethal

A Muslim man goes postal:

At least four members of a family were gunned down and four others were injured over a matrimonial issue in Jalalpur Pirwala tehsil in Multan district on Sunday.

According to Jalalpur Pirwala police, the killer also committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. They said that 21-year-old Atiqur Rehman broke into the house of Rafique, located in Islampura village in Jalalpur Pirwala tehsil, and opened indiscriminate firing, killing three members of a family on the spot. Another woman succumbed to her injuries at Nishtar Hospital. [...]

Police told The Express Tribune that the family was shot dead for rejecting a marriage proposal. The girl for whom the marriage proposal was sent for was also killed in the innocent. The deceased victim’s sister also suffered injuries, said police.

Another story: same religion, different country:

An Iraqi citizen ( b . 1990 ) who came to Finland as an asylum seeker in autumn 2015 is today accused of murder at the District Court of Satakunta . A 29 – year – old man is suspected by the police to have murdered in September an older Pori woman ( b . 1964 ), with whom he had an affair. [...]

The woman’s announcing of the termination of the relationship led to an extraordinary bloody murder.

CWC 2019 - Favorites clash

The two winners of the previous two World Cups collided today. India scored a mammoth 352/5 and then Australia had a bizarre batting display. The run rate just kept on climbing till Maxwell was sent out but then it was too little too late. The Aussies should have sent Maxwell at three or four for his much needed firepower.

Australia had a rather sluggish start; Warner laboured to his slowest ODI fifty. Fifty of Warner's 84 balls were dots. Smith made a more fluent fifty and Carey hit Australia's fastest World Cup fifty, but the rapidly rising asking rate was simply too much to overcome.

50 dot balls out of 84 when chasing 353! That built up way too much pressure on the rest of the team. Let's see what happens on Wednesday when the disappointed and likely furious Aussies take on the mercurial Pakis.

Can you feel the peace?

Islam inside:

Extremist Muslim gangs in British prisons are forcing other inmates to convert to Islam or face violence, a Government report has warned. The gangs, often led by fanatics who are serving sentences for terrorism, are recruiting violent prisoners to be their 'foot soldiers', the report reveals. Inmates who refuse to convert to Islam and join their ranks are being ostracised or attacked.

World Cup points table

The match today between Pakistan and Sri Lanka didn't happen because of rain. This means that both teams get one point which puts them in the top four in the table!

Given the performances so far, Afghanistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka won't make the semi-finals. So, the real battles come down to England, India, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and West Indies. I think that Pakistan and West Indies will likely not make the cut. However, they are capable and unpredictable. Not to mention the rain factor.

Australia, as usual, looks like the strongest side. Their ability to thrive under pressure is absolutely stunning. The magnificent bastards have won four of the last five World Cups. They are, again, the team to beat in the grand tournament.

How to properly beat the wife

An imam in Detroit clarifies the nuances of wife-beating:

[The Prophet] said that the beating is meant to remind her that she has misbehaved in cases when words [of admonishment] do not make her change her ways. First, the husband follows 'forsake them in bed.' He turns his back to her. But what if she says: 'I'm better off [like this]. I don't want to see your face. Turn around'? He can snub her, refuse to talk to her... But what if she says: 'I don't care'? Admonishing her doesn't help either. It is just like when your child reaches to touch the electrical socket or a fire... What do you do? You go like that! It is just like when your child picks up something dangerous and is about to eat it...You hit his hand like that as a reminder. This is a reminder and a means of clarification. This is what the 'beating' means."

Peace and respect!

That sweet public housing

Like all socialists in power, AOC lives like royalty:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) downplayed the amenities available in her expensive Washington, D.C., apartment building last week, saying her unit was comparable to apartments in a new public housing complex in New York City. [...]

"I move into this building, and it's marketed as a ‘luxury' building in D.C.," she said. "It's an efficient building, it's clean, it has public space, it has a rooftop garden—y'all watching my Instagram—it has clean air, it has clean water. And I think about this and I'm like, ‘Hm, this is what a luxury building is like.'"

She's absolutely shameless. A few details about her building:

The newly-constructed complex, built adjacent to a Whole Foods, also features both an indoor lap pool and a rooftop pool, a rooftop dog park and dog wash station, numerous gyms including a Peloton cycling studio and a yoga studio, a demonstration kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven, private massage rooms with hydromassage beds, a golf simulator studio, a basketball court, a racquetball court, and a rooftop tennis court with a "parabolic hitting wall" in case you're alone with nobody to play with.

No helipad? Lame.

Brave New World

How does one even parody this nonsense?

A transgender killer who asked to be moved to an all-female jail has been caught romping with another female. [...]

She did not have a Gender Recognition Certificate, but the Transgender Case Board decided her lack of sex offences meant she posed little risk to female inmates.

This wasn't even the first time.

Last year it emerged that another trans convict, Karen White, 52, had duped prison officials in order to target females at New Hall women's jail in West Yorks.

Mogadishu, Minnesota

And let's not forget the big integration success story of the one Somali who actually became a cop... and promptly murdered a white woman who made the mistake of calling in a crime while on duty. Thank goodness all of those 80,000+ Somalis are LEGAL immigrants. That makes it all okay.

I can't imagine the hatred and contempt the young generation has for their virtue-signalling elders in Minnesota who'll leave behind a dreadful legacy of debt and death.

Pressure vs. Nothing to lose

In the third ODI of the series on May 14, 2019, Pakistan smashed 358/9 in 50 overs. That's a very respectable score in the modern cricket game. Plus, Pakistan are known for their bowling riches. Surely, such a high score was sufficient for a win.

Nope. England won. It was shocking just how comfortable it was for them. Pakistan could have built a mountain of 400 epic runs and they would have still lost. England's batting firepower is immense. They bitch-slapped Pakistan repeatedly and won the series 4-0. The last game was played on May 19.

And then the World Cup started. Today, it was England vs. Pakistan. England is ranked number one in the universe. Pakistan had lost eleven consecutive matches. Their worst losing streak in history.

Pakistan scored 348/8 in 50 overs. No team has ever successfully chased over 300 runs in the World Cup. Root and Buttler scored fantastic centuries but it just wasn't enough from England. In fact, they became the first team to lose a World Cup match with centuries from two players. The entire bowling unit of Pakistan showed up. Amir now has five wickets from two matches. Riaz took three today. If they keep firing, then Pakistan will be responsible for a few more upsets. At least, the World Cup has become a lot more exciting.

Enemies of the truth

Their own actions prove them to be vile liars. They project their souls when they throw around words like racism, intolerance, bigotry, xenophobia in describing the West while simultaneously leaving their shitholes to live in the West. Plus, they want to open the gates for tens of millions of their barbarian cousins to join them.

If the Western world was as horrible as they say it is, then why move here? Why inflict this "calamity" on millions of more people? Would it not be reasonable to stop the influx of foreigners to spare them the tough and terrible life in the West?

The Mayor of Londonistan

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has compared the language used by Donald Trump to rally his supporters to that of “the fascists of the 20th century” in an explosive intervention before the US president’s state visit to London that begins on Monday.

Sadiq Khan isn't a big fan of nationalists.

“Viktor Orbán in Hungary, Matteo Salvini in Italy, Marine Le Pen in France and Nigel Farage here in the UK are using the same divisive tropes of the fascists of the 20th century to garner support, but with new sinister methods to deliver their message. And they are gaining ground and winning power and influence in places that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.”

Khan spits venom on White countries and their leaders. Looking around the globe, one finds similar nationalist rhetoric and policies in China, India, Japan, Arab societies, African nations, etc. Yet, Khan and his ilk are silent when it comes to those "fascist" races.

It's almost like the Paki doesn't have principles.