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How to properly beat the wife

An imam in Detroit clarifies the nuances of wife-beating:

[The Prophet] said that the beating is meant to remind her that she has misbehaved in cases when words [of admonishment] do not make her change her ways. First, the husband follows 'forsake them in bed.' He turns his back to her. But what if she says: 'I'm better off [like this]. I don't want to see your face. Turn around'? He can snub her, refuse to talk to her... But what if she says: 'I don't care'? Admonishing her doesn't help either. It is just like when your child reaches to touch the electrical socket or a fire... What do you do? You go like that! It is just like when your child picks up something dangerous and is about to eat it...You hit his hand like that as a reminder. This is a reminder and a means of clarification. This is what the 'beating' means."

Peace and respect!


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