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Pakistan vs. South Africa

Carlos vs. The Kiwis

West Indies vs. New Zealand. What a heartbreaking finish to an epic innings by Carlos Brathwaite. He smashed three consecutive sixes in the 48th over to make the Kiwis sweat. Next over, he brings up the first century of his career. Then, gets out for an unnecessary big hit with 6 runs needed off one final over.

India and New Zealand remain undefeated in this World Cup. They should have dominated their weak opposition today. Instead, we got two entertaining, nail-biting thrillers.

Tomorrow, we have, in effect, a knockout match: Pakistan vs. South Africa.


Tambi Dude

Some phenomenal matches in the last two days.

1 - Lanka defending 230 something vs Eng
2 - India defending 224 vs AFG
3. WI vs NZ. It was hard not to feel bad for WI.

After some boring and one sided matches, great matches.

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah, three amazing matches and one really felt for the WI. Carlos Brathwaite fell on his knees and supported himself with his bat when he was out. He was in agony. The West Indies players and fans who got tremendous hope from the previous awesome over must have felt crushing despair at that moment. In the end, the stronger team, just barely, won.

Let's see how much "fight" we get in the Pak vs. SA match which starts in six hours.

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