The Oscar for worst acting goes to
1992 again?

Australia vs. England

The two Aussie openers smashed 153 runs off 177 balls. They built an excellent platform but the rest of the team managed a poor 124 runs off 123 deliveries. Australia could've had a score close to 400 but they couldn't even reach 300. They got 285/7.

If Starc and Cummins don't take quick wickets, then England can definitely chase this.

Wow. 30/3 in 7 overs. Root and Morgan gone. Bairstow and Buttler are the two big batsmen left. Aussies in control.

England couldn't chase 232 against Sri Lanka last Friday. Now, 285 is a bigger ask. They're 54/4 after 14 overs. Unless Buttler produces an epic century, this game is lost for England.

England beat Pakistan 4-0 in an ODI series last month. Then, they lost against Pakistan in their World Cup match. England absolutely crushed Australia 5-0 in an ODI series one year ago. Now, against Australia, they're losing the match that actually matters.

The last time England had a strong enough team to make the World Cup finals was in 1992! It took them almost three decades to cobble together a powerful and potent team that, at this very second, is ranked number one in the world. Yet, in the grand tournament, they will soon lose their third match.

Anyway, it makes things interesting for Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Buttler gone for 25 runs. Stokes has a half-century but he's hobbling. Aussies need to target the lower order and it'll be over soon for England.

Beautiful yorker by Starc to get Stokes. England need 110 runs but zero firepower to get them. Australia (of course!) will go to the semi-finals.


Tambi Dude

England has to win both remaining matches (Ind and NZ) to qualify.
Time and again Eng has proved that when it matters they don't deliver.
Aus has won last 14 of their 15 matches.

Isaac Schrödinger

It's almost like a DNA thing.

England and South Africa have incredible records in bilateral series but then get their ass kicked in World Cups. Australia have had a poor twelve months but then show up as conquerors in the World Cup.

Possible humiliating scenario for England: If England loses the next two matches and Pakistan win their three, then Pakistan will qualify which means that each one of the semi-finalists would have defeated England in this World Cup.

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