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England vs. India

Two things that were strange about this match:

  1. Sixes hit by England: 13. Sixes hit by India: 1 (!).
  2. England were at 160 runs at the end of the 22nd over. As wickets fell, they slowed down to finish at 337/7. India were 226/4 at the beginning of the 40th over. They barely accelerated to finish at 306/5.

Sharma and Kohli gave the rest of the team a significant platform to chase 338 but the lack of urgency was really surprising. The one and only six of the entire Indian innings came in the 50th over! The whole time I was thinking, "What are you guys waiting for?"

The match was awesome for 90 overs. The last 10 were just bizarre and puzzling.

India has two matches left. Winning only one of them would guarantee them passage through to the semi-finals. Today, what could have been the most epic run chase in World Cup history ended up as a slow, sad, and strange defeat.

The commies didn't listen!

This portrays the Chinese-in-charge as not very smart:

China has increased the number of government-funded studies into the US and trade this year following criticism that gaps in the country’s understanding of America has left policymakers unprepared to deal with Donald Trump’s presidency and the subsequent trade war.

When Trump started the still-unresolved dispute last July, Chinese academics faced heavy criticism that they had underestimated the US president and his administration’s resolve to confront Beijing.

The following video was uploaded on April 29, 2011. Trump made his intentions regarding China very clear at least eight years ago! Nobody had to predict what Trump would do; one just had to watch and listen:

Afghanistan vs. Pakistan

The Pakistani batsmen took utterly unnecessary risks and got out. Imam-ul-Haq's charge was the worst example as they were in total control with a "win prediction" of 94%.

Afghanistan's biggest mistake was their bowling of the 46th over. Gulbadin Naib brought himself to bowl and got smashed for 18 runs. That's when Pakistan won the game. When Gulbadin Naib decided to bowl the last over, it was truly over. Imad Wasim richly deserves his man of the match award. In the end, it was an ugly win for Pakistan since they made it so hard for themselves. But then, that's how they play: with MAXIMUM drama. 

Afghanistan fought hard but they don't have the batting or bowling firepower to really beat ... anyone. They've played eight matches and lost all of them.

Pakistan is now at fourth position in the tournament. Their fans will be praying for an Indian win against England tomorrow!

"British" family

Just your average "British" family that supports and fights for ISIS:

A British family of 12 who made headlines around the world when they fled to Syria to fight for ISIS have all died, MailOnline can reveal.

Three of the grown-up sons from the Mannan family were killed fighting for Islamic State, while seven more relatives, including three children between the ages of one and 11, were all wiped out in an airstrike.


The perpetually melting snowflake

Sonamjeet Narwan, a 28-year-old U.K. resident, was in line at the check-in counter at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Va., on Tuesday when the incident occurred.

A woman had cut in line, and Narwan asked her to move back.

“I said, ‘If you wouldn’t mind, take your place in the queue. It’s not really fair if you’re skipping it when you’ve got people behind you,'” Narwan told Global News.

“She essentially called me a ‘9/11 bloodsucker,'” Narwan said of the woman’s response. “When I asked her what she actually meant, if she was really calling me a ‘9/11 bloodsucker,’ she said, ‘Yep.'”

The drama queen had found her buffet.

“The only reassurance I wanted that day was that that passenger was not going to be allowed to board that flight because she needed to experience the ramifications of being racist toward another passenger,” she said.

If Air Canada had gone ahead and refused to board that eeevil passenger, then we would see multiple incidents of customers crying about another special someone because of sexism, racism, or whatever unpopular flavor of -ism that day. Can you imagine the aggravation and lawsuits for being kicked off a plane because some moron pointed at you and cried SEXIST!, RACIST! or [fill in the blank]-ist?

Anyway, this malevolent woman was bumped up to Business Class -- far away from that offending passenger. Instead of showing gratitude, she calls that a "token gesture".

It could have been worse: she could have been called a paki, a darkie, or a nigger. The proper etiquette in that case is to kick the other person off the planet.

The comments have been turned off on this article at the request of Sonamjeet Narwan to prevent hateful messages.

Of course.

Gimme gimme gimme!

They get welfare and then work for cash. They pilfer money from Americans and then steal their jobs by working in the underground economy.

Pakistan vs. New Zealand

The Kiwis weren't tested against India because rain ruined the match. Today, they have a mountain to climb as Shaheen Shah Afridi steps up and takes three wickets through his subtle and consistent swing bowling.

Kiwis 46/4; their captain being responsible for exactly half those runs. If the rest of the wickets fall soon, then Pakistan will be chasing a T20 score.

100-run partnership for the sixth wicket for the Kiwis. That makes for a competitive match. Let's see which Pakistani batting shows up to chase this.

237/6. Pakistan has scored 300+ on multiple occasions in the past few months in England. Now, they have to do it in a match that matters.

110/3. 25 overs left. Hafeez walked down and tried to hit a six!? Why? Take singles, get a half-century, and finish the game.

Munro is bowling? He's the eighth bowler used by Williamson! Anyway, Babar Azam is playing really well. Excellent opportunity for him to get his first hundred of the World Cup.

Babar gets a century after a few minutes at 99 runs. The last time a non-opener from Pakistan got a century in a World Cup match was in 1987! The Kiwis are undefeated no more. Pakistan still alive in this World Cup after winning by six wickets against New Zealand.

Ugly future

The debt won't be repaid. Social Security (aka The Grand Ponzi Scheme) will come to an end, likely in the 2030s. The young, new "Americans" have neither the desire nor the money to pay for the retirements of old White people. Those who didn't prepare and save will suffer.

1992 again?

The eerie similarities between 1992 and 2019 for Pakistan.

This made me laugh:

In 1992, Asif Ali Zardari, a former president of Pakistan and husband of the late Benazir Bhutto, was in jail.
In 2019, Asif Ali Zardari again is in jail.

In 1992, Aladdin was released as an animated musical film.
In 2019, an Aladdin reboot was released.

New Zealand should be very worried. They really haven't been pushed and tested in the past month. Their undefeated status in the tournament will be in danger tomorrow when they face Pakistan.

Australia vs. England

The two Aussie openers smashed 153 runs off 177 balls. They built an excellent platform but the rest of the team managed a poor 124 runs off 123 deliveries. Australia could've had a score close to 400 but they couldn't even reach 300. They got 285/7.

If Starc and Cummins don't take quick wickets, then England can definitely chase this.

Wow. 30/3 in 7 overs. Root and Morgan gone. Bairstow and Buttler are the two big batsmen left. Aussies in control.

England couldn't chase 232 against Sri Lanka last Friday. Now, 285 is a bigger ask. They're 54/4 after 14 overs. Unless Buttler produces an epic century, this game is lost for England.

England beat Pakistan 4-0 in an ODI series last month. Then, they lost against Pakistan in their World Cup match. England absolutely crushed Australia 5-0 in an ODI series one year ago. Now, against Australia, they're losing the match that actually matters.

The last time England had a strong enough team to make the World Cup finals was in 1992! It took them almost three decades to cobble together a powerful and potent team that, at this very second, is ranked number one in the world. Yet, in the grand tournament, they will soon lose their third match.

Anyway, it makes things interesting for Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Buttler gone for 25 runs. Stokes has a half-century but he's hobbling. Aussies need to target the lower order and it'll be over soon for England.

Beautiful yorker by Starc to get Stokes. England need 110 runs but zero firepower to get them. Australia (of course!) will go to the semi-finals.

Wait, rape is illegal!?

The cultural enrichment continues in Sweden:

An unaccompanied 17-year-old migrant boy is suspected of having raped a much younger girl in the foster family where he was placed. In his defence, he explained during the interrogation that this was perfectly legal in his home country, and no one told him otherwise in Sweden, the newspaper Lokaltidningen reported.

Of course, the "boy" shouldn't be punished because ...

The suspect's legal guardian pointed out that the 17-year-old does well at school. He also described the event as a “one-off” and stressed that taking the boy into special care would destroy his progress.

Won't you think of the rapefugees!

The eternal envy

The top male soccer players are global superstars. Does anyone know the names of the top female soccer players? They're slow, mediocre, and boring. Almost nobody watches them. Therefore, they make tiny amounts of cash. Of course, reality must be ignored to push the horrible, sexist men Narrative. It wouldn't be surprising to see a push for income transfers from the men to women in the soccer arena. Nothing says STRONG and INDEPENDENT like crying for handouts.

Pakistan vs. South Africa

Pakistan finally dropped Shoaib Malik. The replacement? Haris Sohail! The man showed his class and top scored for Pakistan with a blistering 59-ball 89. That's man of the match performance right there. 308/7 for Pakistan. It should do the job.

Amir gets a wicket with his first ball. Amla: LBW. The big question: Will Amir get enough support from the other bowlers?

Having Hafeez bowl early was a bizarre choice. Bring in Riaz and see what he can do.

South Africa have built a decent partnership. 73/1 after 17 overs. Inzi's nephew takes an excellent low catch. SA 92-2 after 20 overs. Pakistan has the edge. Shadab gets another! SA 103/3. That was a very poor shot choice by Markram.

One captain hits it high and the other takes the simple catch. Amir, again, is the leading wicket-taker of this World Cup. What a golden tournament he is having so far.

The professor takes a catch and Shadab has his third wicket. 189/5. 10 overs. 120 runs needed. This is beyond South Africa. There's no Klusener. No de Villiers. SA out of the World Cup. It will be shocking if they win.

Yup. South Africa are out. They've lost five out of seven games with two more to go. Pakistan's next match is with the undefeated Kiwis on Wednesday. It should be very interesting.

Carlos vs. The Kiwis

West Indies vs. New Zealand. What a heartbreaking finish to an epic innings by Carlos Brathwaite. He smashed three consecutive sixes in the 48th over to make the Kiwis sweat. Next over, he brings up the first century of his career. Then, gets out for an unnecessary big hit with 6 runs needed off one final over.

India and New Zealand remain undefeated in this World Cup. They should have dominated their weak opposition today. Instead, we got two entertaining, nail-biting thrillers.

Tomorrow, we have, in effect, a knockout match: Pakistan vs. South Africa.

India vs. Afghanistan

That's the undefeated Indians vs. the winless Afghanis in this World Cup. 

I thought that India would smash 400 runs. Instead, India scored a shockingly low 224/8. Now, Afghanistan need 68 off 10 overs! This will be a stunning upset if India doesn't get a few quick wickets.

56 off 48 needed. Afghanis fighting hard with 4 wickets in hand.

40 off 30. Indians nervous. They need a wicket to upset the rhythm.

Rashid Khan out! What a thrilling match!

Nabi hits a clean six off Bumrah! 24 off 18.

16 off 6. Damn. It's Nabi vs. India!

Nabi out! Couldn't clear the six. Shami gets a hat-trick to finish Afghanistan. India win by 11 runs. Afghanistan fought hard. India had a mediocre batting effort. Dhoni's slow runs almost cost them the match.

Big trouble for England

How many matches have Australia, India, and New Zealand lost in the current World Cup?

Australia: 1. India: 0. New Zealand: 0. This doesn't look good for England.

Extreme Cruelty

Using acid to attack a person is barbaric. A few Muslims are taking that savagery and pushing it to shocking levels:

Two women were forced to drink acid after severe torture by their in-laws in two separate incidents in remits of Bara Kahu police station.

One of the women died an extremely painful death, the other was hanging between life and death. However, the perpetrators of the heinous crime have yet to be arrested.

I had to re-read the following sentence to fully take in the halaal logic.

Mursaleen Akhtar was forced to drink acid by her husband, when she confronted him over his extramarital affair.

Social justice is cancer

The headline has been changed: Female academics are too scarce. So their applications are going to the top of the pile:

Engineering has a huge impact on society. To responsibly advance science and technology, a university should be a balanced reflection of society. As a top engineering university we believe that diversity and inclusiveness is crucial for the quality of our teaching and research. More than that, we believe we can turn a fully representative academic workforce into a unique strength. This is why, from 1 July, all our job vacancies will be exclusively open to female candidates for the first six months after they are advertised.

Next: Our job vacancies will be exclusively open to mediocre coloreds for a few months.

Next: Our job vacancies will be exclusively open to inbred Muslims for a few months.

This is the destruction of civilization. The cost of this virtue signalling will be high as bridges and buildings fall and people are killed.

Doesn't fit the Narrative

Blacks are oppressed. Whites are oppressors. Reality shall be ignored.

The End of the US

We'll see. Trump can probably pull off another win with razor-thin margins in key states in 2020 but still, the future looks bleak for America in the next two decades.

England massacres Afghanistan

The number one team in the world took on the lowest ranked team in the World Cup. The result was predictable. England won by 150 runs.

A lot of records were shattered. Here's one:

17 Sixes hit by Morgan in his innings - the most by an individual in an ODI. Morgan hit one more than the previous record, which was jointly held by Rohit Sharma, AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle. The previous World Cup record was also 16 sixes, Gayle's mark against Zimbabwe in 2015.

Morgan made a century from his sixes! Absolutely devastating.

The Declining IQ in America

After a century of communism which resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people in the People's Republic of China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, North Korea, and Vietnam, the new "Americans" want to bring this lovely misery to the US:

Candi CdeBaca won a runoff race last week against former Denver city council president Albus Brooks, and she did it by promising to implement communist policies “by any means necessary.”

CdeBaca was among three candidates that unseated incumbents in the Tuesday runoff, preliminary results show, and she’s already drawing comparisons to Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old who unseated 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th congressional district in 2018.

The average American is most definitely under financial stress. The combination of skyrocketing tuition, horrible low wages, and insane real estate prices has left most with zero savings and, worse, debt. It's ignorant and malevolent to suggest communism, of all things, as a solution to those problems.

Those nice "Canadians"

Speaking of these new "Canadians", here's one passionate and tolerant Muslim who is telling us about the future of Canada in plain, simple English:

CWC: India vs. Pakistan

Rohit Sharma unleashed an imperious display of batting today. A 113-ball 140 against Pakistan in a World Cup match. An excellent platform for India to push towards 350+ runs!

The Indians are treating Amir with respect and the rest with contempt. A simple and smart strategy. India have already won. Their batting was enough.

Rain stopped play. It doesn't spoil the game since India has a 99.99% chance of winning. Yadav deserves a prize for his fantastic delivery to Azam. To get Zaman out in his next over was the icing on the cake. Pakistan simply don't have the firepower to recover from those two nails in the coffin.

Also: Shoaib Malik should have retired before the World Cup. He has managed a grand total of zero runs in two important matches. He's too old, too slow, and too scared. He's the only player in this tournament who started playing ODI cricket in the previous century! And it shows.

The only positive for Pakistan: Amir is the leading wicket-taker in the World Cup.

The dumb Whites

A church in Sweden is attacked. Again.

A church in a migrant-heavy area of Sweden was targeted for a second time by a loud bomb blast that woke up shocked residents in the middle of the night. [...]

Police say the fact that this is the second time the church has been targeted – there was another explosion last fall – means there is probably “a motive against the church”.

The police in Sweden are super bright.

Sodertalje, a city 30 kilometers southwest of Stockholm, has a large immigrant population which was swelled by the most recent “refugee” wave. More than 50 per cent of the population now hail from migrant backgrounds.

Shithole achievement unlocked!

More misery to follow

The federal government has picked 11 communities from across Canada to kick off a new pilot program aimed at attracting immigrants to rural and northern communities. [...]

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is making a formal announcement today in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Yes, the Immigration Minister of Canada is Ahmed Hussen. Surely, he'll be working with Mr. Jack Russell, the prominent Immigration Minister of Somalia, for those immigrants who will gladly enrich the rural communities in Canada.

About 78 per cent newcomers to Canada settle in big cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver under existing federal economic immigration programs.

Time for maximum suffering.

An easy win today

England showed West Indies why they're number one in the world. West Indies imploded and scored a miserable 212 runs all out. England didn't even sweat making 213 runs in only 33 overs. Even an extra 150 runs by West Indies would have been totally insufficient. Joe Root opened and made a very tidy 100 runs not out.

As predicted by many, the top four teams in the tournament are:

  1. New Zealand
  2. England
  3. Australia
  4. India

The World Cup is almost half done. The only team that can upset that ranking is Pakistan.

May 31: West Indies crushed Pakistan.

June 3: Pakistan fought hard and beat England.

June 14: England destroyed West Indies.

The new Muslims

These fine gentlemen were attracted to Islam:

Two brothers shot by police near a campground after a high speed chase have links to bikie gangs and terror groups, it has been revealed. [...]

The two men, aged 19 and 30, converted to Islam in prison and are low-level people of interest to counter-terrorism police. The driver of the vehicle rammed the police car and violence exploded after the men jumped out wielding a knife and an axe, the Herald Sun reported.

Obviously, they forgot to learn about the super peaceful aspects of their new religion.

The rain spoiled it again

The two undefeated teams in the grand cricket tournament were to play against each other today: India vs. New Zealand. Instead of an awesome clash, the hundreds of millions of fans across the globe got an abandoned game. It must be sorely disappointing for those who bought expensive tickets and traveled from another continent to only get soaked in the end.

The really big game is on Sunday when India take on Pakistan. Even though Pakistan has an overall decent ODI record versus India, they've lost every single time against the Indians in a World Cup game -- six in total.

If Amir can conjure up another miracle and get support from the other bowlers, then Pakistan has a chance against the powerful batting lineup of India. Otherwise, it's revenge for the Champions Trophy final.