Gritty but inadequate
Those poor Muslims!

Contempt for the Right

This is how the media describes an anti-establishment guy:

Nigel Farage demanded a seat at Brexit negotiations on Monday after his new party swept to victory in the United Kingdom's European Parliament election, warning that he would turn British politics upside down if denied.

Farage, a bombastic 55-year-old commodities broker-turned anti-establishment supremo, won by riding a wave of anger at the failure of Prime Minister Theresa May to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Interesting use of language when describing a right-wing politician. Here, the word assault is neglected in favor of something out of a tropical vacation:

Critics accuse him of stoking anger over issues like immigration, and offering popular but simplistic solutions to complex problems like Brexit. One voter expressed his anger by showering Farage in a milkshake during a campaign appearance.


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