Appeasing evil
Murder in Maine

Swift justice

India vs. Pakistan in Austria:

On Wednesday evening terrifying facts became known about the death of the alleged murder victim of Innsbruck-Wilten: As the newspaper ÖSTERREICH learned from a well-informed source, the 28-year-old was so badly battered in the apartment by the three Indians - a man (22 years old) and two women (20 and 21 years old) - that even the tough homicide detectives were disgusted: The Pakistani (a convicted sex offender) not only had his hand cut off and his throat slit, but was also stabbed eleven times in the stomach with a knife. In addition, at least one cheek was cut from his face. There is also said to be further mutilation and the suspicion that some of the terrible injuries were inflicted on him while he was still alive - in other words, that he may even have been tortured to death.


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