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Perpetually offended

The Islamic call to prayer is blasted from loudspeakers five times a day in Muslim countries. One can be subjected to the demonic noise as early as 3:15 a.m. in the Middle East. In the largest Muslim country in the world, if you complain about the volume, then you'll be thrown in jail:

An Indonesian Buddhist sentenced to 18 months’ jail for blasphemy after talking to a neigh­bour about the noise of a nearby mosque has lost a final appeal against her conviction, in a ruling human rights groups say sets a “frightening legal preced­ent”.

The decision comes just days before presidential and legislative elections in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, following a divisive campaign in which Islam has figured prominently.

Meiliana, 44, was found guilty in August of “provocative and hurtful statements” that caused a riot in the North Sumatran port town of Tanjung Balai in which a mob set fire to her home and a number of Buddhist temples in the worst race violence ­Indonesia has seen since the anti-Chin­ese Jakarta pogroms of 1998.

That's the nature of blasphemy laws. The overwhelming majority of people don't say anything critical of Islamic doctrine but with a few twists a simple statement can be made to sound deeply "offensive". A few examples:

It's so horrible that, even in the humid summer months, women have to cover their entire bodies with all-black clothing.

TWIST: The burqa is horrible. Ergo, Islam is bad. BLASPHEMY! GO TO JAIL.

It's inappropriate to force boys and girls to fast during the month of Ramadan. The poor souls shouldn't go without food and drink for the whole day.

TWIST: Fasting is wrong. Therefore, Islam is wrong. BLASPHEMY! GO TO JAIL.

It's so uncouth and unhygienic when Muslims dirty the streets with the blood of sacrificed animals during their Eid festivities.

TWIST: Sacrificing animals is disgusting. Hence, Islam sucks. BLASPHEMY! GO TO JAIL.

Of course, that's just the legal punishment. Before that, the halaal mob will burn your home and destroy your place of worship.

While she has so far served eight months for her crime, eight men convicted of destroying 14 Buddhist temples in the town were sentenced to average sentenc­es of six weeks.

Welcome to Islam!

Modern England

It's not just the political elite who are traitors:

The 27-year-old mother sitting beside me on a suburban park bench is trembling with a mixture of fear and rage. She can barely suppress her anger as she recalls the moment she watched a video of a refugee being escorted from an aircraft at Heathrow after a mutiny by passengers halted his deportation.

As The Mail on Sunday revealed last year, that man was Yaqub Ahmed, a Somalian who a decade earlier had been convicted and jailed with three others for a sickening gang rape.

Today his victim breaks her silence and, in an exclusive interview, condemns the holidaymakers who stepped in to defend him, ignorant of the horrifying attack that ripped her life apart.

The African was being deported. He was in handcuffs. Yet, nobody was even curious about what he did to earn a deportation. Instead, this happened:

One bearded British man in a blue T-shirt approached Ahmed before telling fellow passengers: ‘He says they’re separating him from his family, his family’s here.’

Another man jabbed his finger at an official and, drawing his finger across his throat for dramatic effect, barked: ‘When he gets to Mogadishu, they’re going to kill him.’

To applause from the passengers, the four-strong Home Office team finally relented and frog-marched Ahmed from the aircraft as one holidaymaker shouted: ‘You’re free man!’

These dumb, ignorant clowns cheered the release of a rapist!

Alberta smokes

Alberta pot smokers are expected to spend about $940 million on legal weed by 2024, with the province becoming Canada's second-largest market for cannabis behind Ontario, according to a new forecast.

U.S.-based research firms BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research said in a new report Albertans spent about $216 million on medical and retail cannabis last year. They will more than quadruple that spending in the next five years, the forecast predicts.

The news story ends with this blunder:

Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis, which is worth more than $12 billion on the stock market, is the second-largest pot producer in Canada based on market capitalization, trailing only Canopy Growth Corp., which is valued at $14.6 billion.

Wrong. The market capitalization of Canopy Growth Corporation: $19.2 billion. It has been over $19 billion for over two months! Seriously, how does one even make an error like that?

Ah! Just a couple of seconds after publishing this post, it clicked. The reporter is comparing Aurora's market cap in Canadian dollars to Canopy's market cap in US dollars!

No country for White men

Answer: They are White people from Europe. Their way of life comes from Greek democracy, Roman Law, and Christianity. It's more commonly called Western Civilization. They possess the same right to defend their way of life as other peoples in the world. For example, the Chinese, Indians, Japanese, and Koreans have the same right to reduce or stop immigration into their lands to preserve their cultures.

It's strange that colored countries enforce strict immigration rules and nobody vomits out a wall of text through twitter to whine about it. Saudi Arabia deported over 100,000 Muslims in the past few years. Nobody asked the Arabs: who are your people, what is your way of life and why, ...

Make The Rubble Bounce

The Supreme Dark Lord:

Indiegogo is attempting to legally strike back at ALT-HERO:Q. We believe we can very easily demonstrate the absurdity of their claims by pointing out how many of their campaigns are promoting hate by the ludicrous standard of the ADL, so I'm asking the Dread Ilk and the Reprehensibles to compile a comprehensive list of these Indiegogo hate campaigns for the legal team.

The following are hate symbols according to the ADL:

  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 18
  • 28
  • 38
  • 43
  • 83
  • 88
  • 737

That's 100% absurd! Indiegogo is a fountain of "hate". For example: AK Operator -The Modern Guide to a Legendary Rifle. Try identifying the hateful part in that.

Won't you feel sorry for these children?

Two men recently attempted to claim asylum stating that they were both minors until fingerprint tests revealed that they were not even close to being under 18. [...]

One of the men, who claimed to be from the African nation of Mali, was revealed to be 21 years old, while the other man, who presented police with a birth certificate from Guinea, was revealed to be 47 years old, after his fingerprints were connected to a passport he had used to enter Spain.

This is what "free money for poor migrant children" gets the West.

Not another Mohammed

Maximum cultural enrichment:

Mohammed Shamji has admitted to killing his physician wife, Dr. Elana Fric, in December 2016. [...]

Shamji pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as two of the couple's three children and Fric's parents sat in court. It was the first time the kids, now 11 and 14, have seen their father since his arrest.

She wanted a divorce. Her death was more preferable to him.

From a professional perspective, Shamji and Fric were a medical power couple. But according to court documents, their marriage was in trouble at the time Fric went missing. She had filed for divorce in November 2016, just two days before she was murdered.

"The marriage was volatile and dysfunctional, marred by reports of verbal, emotional and at times physical abuse of Elana by Mohammed," the agreed statement of facts said.

A guy named Mohammed beat his wife! What are the odds?

A Very Bad Idea

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., has proposed a so-called mark-to-market version of the capital gains tax. Put more simply, investors would pay capital gains taxes each and every year in which their assets go up in value, instead of only when they are sold. [...]

The annual tax would also apply to illiquid investments like the value of a private company, real estate and other complex investments.

This will hurt low-income folks the most. Imagine, an old, retired couple today with a house which they bought for $100,000. In a roaring real estate market that house could be worth $200,000 next year. Should the couple get a $25,000 tax bill for that increased value even though they haven't sold the house?

Furthermore, the government will become even more insane and tight with their building permits -- maliciously spiking real estate prices to gobble a larger tax bite. The rich will survive it but the lower middle class will be devastated.

Nothing to do with Islam!

While LGBTQ rights have made great strides in parts of the world, homosexuality remains illegal in an estimated 70 countries, and 11 countries carry the potential for the death penalty, particularly among men who have sex with men.

It’s difficult to identify which countries actually enforce the death penalty punishment, or how often they do so, but using data from ILGA, we’ve listed the countries where the death penalty is a possibility for LGB people below.

Do these countries share any other common factor?

Dogs FTW

The Supreme Dark Lord is kind:

We have four in the house now, although one is a friend's dog who is staying here while she's travelling. It can get a little chaotic at times, especially when the someone comes to the door, but if there is one thing you can do to instantly improve your quality of life, getting a dog is it.

We've kept a friend's dog whose owner has traveled in the past. The dog is inconsolable for a couple of days and then she adapts to her new family. Her bed is kept in the bedroom. So, she doesn't feel alone. Once, when I was sleeping, she came to me and barked. I woke up almost instantly, looked at her, realized that she wanted attention, and obliged in my groggy state. She wagged her tail and went back to her bed.

I was dozing off when I opened my eyes again, and said, "Wait ... did you just wake me up ... so that I would pet you!?" Cheeky monkey!

I did feel sad when she went back to her real family.

Life among the barbarians

Muslim parents in Pakistan arranged to murder their own daughter because she dared to ask for a divorce from her abusive husband:

More than a year later, no one has been charged--despite the testimony from witnesses and the fact that paralegal Shahtaj Qizalbash, who was briefly taken hostage afterward, heard Samia's uncle bragging about arranging the killing and listened as her father asked, "Has it been done?"

[...] Samia's brother and sister knew of their parents' plan to kill her, said a family friend, a woman who was afraid to be identified. Her sister did not warn her, and her brother agreed that Samia had brought dishonor to the family, the friend said.

The soulless parents agree to kill the "disgraceful" daughter but they won't do it themselves because that would be uncouth. So, they share the scheme with her uncle who eagerly contacts a killer. The heartless siblings learn of the matter but don't even bother to warn the sister. And, of course, the police continue to shrug their shoulders.

This murder took place twenty years ago. Nothing has changed except that today, millions of these people are pouring into the West.

The Canadian Cannabis Goliath

The beginning of Canopy Growth Corporation:

In response to several key changes to the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR)—particularly the phasing-out of home cultivation and easier access through medical prescriptions—one company, in particular, saw cannabis’ burgeoning potential before anyone else. The founders of Tweed recognized the opportunity to become a substantial licensed commercial operator in the Canadian marketplace, and became among Canada’s earliest cannabis entrants.

Its ticker symbol was TWD five year ago. The share price fluctuated around $3 for a year and then crashed to $1.10 by the fall of 2015. The Liberal victory in the federal elections saved the company as the market for legal cannabis was likely to increase by an order of magnitude in Canada alone.

Today, its share price fluctuates in the high 50s. Canopy went from a market capitalization of roughly $50 million to $20 billion in five years. Now, what matters is execution as they must go from an annualized revenue of $333 million to $2 billion to justify their sky-high valuation. As America and Europe slowly but surely go towards legalization, it's possible that Canopy just might hit a $200 billion valuation by the end of the 2020s. That would imply a share price of approximately $360 then.

"Italian" murders Italian

Some people just want to watch the world burn:

Prosecutors said Monday that a suspect has confessed to murdering Stefano Leo, a young man who was found stabbed to death on the banks of the River Po in Turin in February, for the sole reason that he wanted to kill someone.

The suspect, Said Machaouat, a 27-year-old Italian with Moroccan roots, turned himself in at the weekend. "I chose to kill that young man because he looked happy. And I couldn't stand his happiness," Machaouat said, according to the prosecutors.

The myth of equality

On a related note: no wonder nobody watches women's basketball.

I knew how that was going to end. Still, watching it made me laugh.

Immigration is War

The children in Sweden are paying the price for the stupidity of their parents:

The problems with migrants have escalated recently at the school ‘Österledskolan’ outside Halmstad in southern Sweden. Swedish independent journalist Joakim Lamotte has been contacted by parents of children at the school and according to them it is a group of newly arrived migrants who harass their daughters. [...]

“There are daily threats and violations at the school. Our daughter, who’s in eighth grade has been harassed since the second week of seventh grade. She has been called “Swedish whore” and threatened with violence several times.”

“The police have been called many times. Last week, they were called on three occasions. And an ambulance has been called to the school during assaults,” says one parent. “The situation at the school went out of control last week after several major fights, and now parents choose to keep their children at home because of the insecurity.”

Can you say sharia?

The super-moderate Malaysian government is urgently working on one of the most significant issues of our time:

The National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC) is still studying the guidelines for a Muslim dress code in the private sector, Deputy Human Resource Minister Datuk Mahfuz Omar said today.

Mahfuz said the council has gone through the proposals prepared by the Labour Department and the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim).

Businesses in Malaysia already have conservative attire since they don't want complaints from customers and local officials. Apparently, that's not good enough. Soon, they'll be getting busted over an uncouth woman employee who dared to show her ankle in public.

Crazy Croissant Conspiracy

I've heard so many people say that they support $15 or a $20 minimum wage for workers (especially those hard-working waiters). This loud support is followed by complaints about the ridiculous spikes in food prices at restaurants!? The idea that low-margin businesses need higher revenues to pay for increased costs is completely alien to them.

Jacinda Cortez?

Tambi Dude comments that the Kiwi prime minister is another AOC who loves the hijab. This story was published just after her election in 2017:

New Zealand's new prime minister called capitalism a "blatant failure", before citing levels of homelessness and low wages as evidence that "the market has failed" her country's poor.

Jacinda Ardern, who is to become the nation's youngest leader since 1856, said measures used to gauge economic success "have to change" to take into account "people's ability to actually have a meaningful life".

Ardern is likely pointing to the GDP as an inadequate metric of economic success. If so, then she is correct. However, calling capitalism a "blatant failure" means that what she's proposing will lead to more misery. Of course, the end-result is always a more powerful and ruthless government.

Her lightning lunatic reaction to the mass shooting -- jail for those who share the manifesto, banning and confiscation of firearms, 24/7 hijab with super-concerned face -- proves that she's incapable of running a country.

The hardcore criminals in New Zealand must be loving Ardern who is making sure that genuine and naive law-abiding citizens are unarmed and helpless.