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Cruel injustice

A list recently released by the Centre for Violent Extremism (CVE) disclosed that 41 of Sweden’s 290 municipalities are set to be forced to welcome back scores of returning ISIS members.

According to the Swedish broadcasting company SVT, the Centre for Violent Extremism invited officials from the 41 municipalities to an event which aims to teach them about returning terrorists in order to “provide support to the municipalities that have or may be able to receive returning children and adults from areas previously controlled by the Islamic state.”

Instead of firing machine guns at these monsters, Swedes want to give them free shit:

Some left-wing politicians in the country have even suggested that the Swedish government should integrate returning ISIS fighters back into Swedish society. Several municipalities have offered returning jihadis free driving lessons, free housing, and even debt forgiveness to make their transition back into Western society more comfortable.

These local governments are literally stealing money from hard-working, law-abiding White people and giving it to Muslims who're rapists and murderers. This is not going to end well.


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