Burning of the West
Offended by Whites

An honest invader

A New York Muslim cleric has said, Muslims should love and support other Muslims, but hate and not support non-Muslims.

That hostility is at the core of Islam.

“No, they are not your friends and they’re not allowed to be treated as your friends,” he said. “You keep your relations with them to call them to Islam and to invite them to your way of life… Them being your buddies and your friends and they feel that this person is my close, close, close buddy – that’s problematic. They can’t be your close friends… So, often times it’s a word game. We say ‘friends’ or ‘close friends’, but it’s nothing more than an associate.”

Yup. As the numbers of Muslims in Western nations increases, the natives will see and experience this wicked hatred. Things will get a lot worse before they get better.


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