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Alberta pot smokers are expected to spend about $940 million on legal weed by 2024, with the province becoming Canada's second-largest market for cannabis behind Ontario, according to a new forecast.

U.S.-based research firms BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research said in a new report Albertans spent about $216 million on medical and retail cannabis last year. They will more than quadruple that spending in the next five years, the forecast predicts.

The news story ends with this blunder:

Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis, which is worth more than $12 billion on the stock market, is the second-largest pot producer in Canada based on market capitalization, trailing only Canopy Growth Corp., which is valued at $14.6 billion.

Wrong. The market capitalization of Canopy Growth Corporation: $19.2 billion. It has been over $19 billion for over two months! Seriously, how does one even make an error like that?

Ah! Just a couple of seconds after publishing this post, it clicked. The reporter is comparing Aurora's market cap in Canadian dollars to Canopy's market cap in US dollars!


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