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The Aussies don't give up

Australia lost two games in the beginning but won the series 3-2 against India in India. To be fair, the Indians didn't have their full-strength team as they were experimenting with a few players. Still, the most worrying game for them must be the fourth ODI. They scored an absolutely mammoth 358 runs which should have won the series for them but the Aussies fought back and stunned everyone.

Virat Kohli was full of praise for their spirit:

"If you look at the overall scene, I think Australia deserved to win. They played with more passion, they played with more hunger and they played with more heart than us in the last three games. They were brave in the pressure situations compared to our side. The first two games we were on the mark but the last three games, the way they raised their intensity and the way they grabbed the pressure moments, they are deserving winners of the series."


Tambi Dude

Aus whupped Pak ass 5-0 in their adopted home. May be Aus is bouncing back and this makes them a serious contender for the WC.

Isaac Schrödinger

Pakistan doesn't have a potent bowling attack at the moment. Worse, they had the most bizarre batting statistic: their batsmen scored five centuries vs. two from the Australians. Yet, they couldn't win even one match!? It's unlikely they'll ruin everybody's party like they did in the Champions Trophy two years ago.

Anyway, I expect to see these four teams in the semi-finals of the World Cup:

1. India
2. England
3. Australia
4. New Zealand

The final? India vs. Australia.

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