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First-class diversity

The importation of diversity is a monstrous welfare scheme to fleece White people:

A unique survey by the think tank Suomen Perusta linked to the Finns party has estimated lifetime costs associated with Iraqi and Somali immigrants, who constitute the largest groups of so-called "humanitarian immigration" to Finland and contributed the most in 2015, the peak of Europe's migrant crisis.

Using government-generated statistics, Suomen Perusta calculated that an average Iraqi migrant moving to Finland between the ages of 20 to 24 is expected to cost Finland €690,000 ($783,000). A Somali migrant of the same age was estimated to be even more expensive, burdening the Finnish state with €951,000 ($1.08 million). If child-related issues are included, the costs rise to €844,000 ($957,000) and €1,343,000 ($1.5 million) respectively. For the sake of comparison, the reference mean value for native-born Finns was set at 0 Euros.

But wait, there's more!

Admittedly, the authors didn't account for all possible fiscal effects in their study. Had those "missing" items been recognised as well, they argued, the effects would have been even more negative, the study said. Some of these may include lower contribution for old age pensions, indirect integration costs, and higher health services costs due to factors such as translation needs.

From the Finnish public finance point of view, the authors concluded, no new migrants should be welcomed to Finland when expected life-cycle effects are negative.

What's truly grotesque about all this is that there's near zero gratitude and appreciation. These rapefugees would gladly turn Finland into a sharia shithole when they have sufficient numbers. They would derail their own gravy train to build another mini-hell on Earth.


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