Cultural enrichment in New Zealand
Part and parcel Khan

False Flag in Middle Earth?

Supreme Dark Lord:

The shootings in New Zealand were almost certainly the first of the false flags everyone who has been paying attention has been anticipating. The paid shills are out HARD on this one trying to put out the fires being set by everyone who notices the highly cheesy nature of the so-called manifesto or the unlikely prospect of a very fit young Aussie who looks a lot like an SAS officer being inspired by a Norwegian to attack a mosque in New Zealand in order to defend gun rights in the United States.

It's strange that it happened in New Zealand. That wouldn't have been in my top ten bets.

Observer: The Manifesto of Brenton Tarrant – a right-wing terrorist on a Crusade.

The "manifesto" is all over the place. He's left-wing and right-wing depending on the definition! The part with Candace Owens is pure trolling. He's also a "Green Nationalist".


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