Utterly clueless Kushner
Unnecessary Serious Bewilderment

Slow-motion suicide of Sweden

You can join a gang and travel abroad to torture anyone who doesn't listen to you, murder undesirables, rape a few bitches, throw faggots off roof tops and come back where ... the government does nothing! Surely, this lovely incentive structure won't create any problems in the society, right?

According to the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), around 150 out of a total of 300 Islamic State supporters and fighters have returned to Sweden. It is believed that some of those returning fighters have begun recruiting new extremists in Malmö, many of them young people, TV4 Nyheterna reports.

“They can be seen as heroes for young people who are at risk and radicalised. It increases concern, of course, and creates instability. People are worried about their children,” said anti-violent extremism activist Michael Helders.

The Western countries should have executed every single returning ISIS member on live television. Instead, the political elite coddled them.

So far, Sweden has not prosecuted a single returned Islamic State member, although in a recent interview with broadcaster SVT, prosecutor Karolina Wieslander claimed that there were opportunities to put returning fighters on trial.

When asked why none had so far been taken to court, Wieslander claimed that “long-term” thinking was required saying, “You can’t see this as if it’s just a matter of punishment. We have to work broadly with these individuals. If they return to Sweden, they must be given the opportunity to return to Swedish society.”

When you're nice to murderous thugs, you'll get more murderous thugs.


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