Erasing the infidel
Dear vaginas

Love Islam or else

Blasphemy laws will be coming soon to Holland:

According to the engineering instructor, the accusation followed an incident in the classroom at the end of January. "A pupil told a classmate that her mother finds me 'haram', or dirty. I caught that and spoke to her about it. In the break, other students suddenly stood around me and shouted in high tones that I would have offended the prophet, "says the instructor who wants to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

Don't like your teacher for whatever reason? Then just loudly complain about his imaginary anti-Islamic views and get him suspended.

The director's suspension letter states where the alleged insult of Prophet Muhammad is about. "You said that Mohammed was married to an eight-year-old girl, and that in the Netherlands a grown man who marries a girl of eight is seen as a pedophile," you can read.

But the instructor denies having talked about the belief with students at all that day and never implores this kind of statement.


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