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A solution in search of a problem

The average IQ of people in the West has been decreasing for decades. As if that wasn't bad enough, they are also getting crazier:

"So, basically the way I designed it is new couples when they find out they're expecting sign up to basically a pre-natal course," she explained. "And they receive a kit in which it contains a nine months of a drug called progestin," she added, "which we know as the non-estrogen based birth control pill."

That drug is meant to "stimulate the production of milk-producing glands" in the males who take it. Another drug regimen would then result in lactation.

Jackie Chan gets the last word:


Unnecessary Serious Bewilderment

Core 2 Duos and 2 Quads have got nothing on this naming disaster:

The USB standard has just gotten even more confusing for end users. If you're one of the three people in the world who actually knew the difference between USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen 1/Gen 2, and so on, ...well, sorry: USB 3.2 has been announced, and all the names change once again.

Behold the new USB monikers:

  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 (previously referred to as USB 3.0, or formally as USB 3.1 Gen 1) has a 5Gbps transfer rate and is officially known by the marketing name SuperSpeed USB.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 (previously referred to as USB 3.1, or formally as USB 3.1 Gen 2) has a 10Gbps transfer rate and is now officially known as SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps.
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 (the latest spec) has a 20Gbps transfer rate and is now officially known as SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps.

What's really puzzling is why they want to go back and rename the older standards again! Had they continued with their simple numerical scheme, then the newest USB standard would be USB 5.0. Instead, we have this confusing, bloated convention that keeps getting modified every few years.

Then, on top of that, throw in the ten different types of USB connectors and you've got annoyed retailers and a lot of baffled customers.

Slow-motion suicide of Sweden

You can join a gang and travel abroad to torture anyone who doesn't listen to you, murder undesirables, rape a few bitches, throw faggots off roof tops and come back where ... the government does nothing! Surely, this lovely incentive structure won't create any problems in the society, right?

According to the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), around 150 out of a total of 300 Islamic State supporters and fighters have returned to Sweden. It is believed that some of those returning fighters have begun recruiting new extremists in Malmö, many of them young people, TV4 Nyheterna reports.

“They can be seen as heroes for young people who are at risk and radicalised. It increases concern, of course, and creates instability. People are worried about their children,” said anti-violent extremism activist Michael Helders.

The Western countries should have executed every single returning ISIS member on live television. Instead, the political elite coddled them.

So far, Sweden has not prosecuted a single returned Islamic State member, although in a recent interview with broadcaster SVT, prosecutor Karolina Wieslander claimed that there were opportunities to put returning fighters on trial.

When asked why none had so far been taken to court, Wieslander claimed that “long-term” thinking was required saying, “You can’t see this as if it’s just a matter of punishment. We have to work broadly with these individuals. If they return to Sweden, they must be given the opportunity to return to Swedish society.”

When you're nice to murderous thugs, you'll get more murderous thugs.

Utterly clueless Kushner

If Kushner is serious, then he doesn't have a fucking clue about what he is talking about. The biggest threat to the safety of Jews in Israel is Muslims. Eliminating the borders won't get us prosperity; it'll end in a Holocaust.

Love Islam or else

Blasphemy laws will be coming soon to Holland:

According to the engineering instructor, the accusation followed an incident in the classroom at the end of January. "A pupil told a classmate that her mother finds me 'haram', or dirty. I caught that and spoke to her about it. In the break, other students suddenly stood around me and shouted in high tones that I would have offended the prophet, "says the instructor who wants to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

Don't like your teacher for whatever reason? Then just loudly complain about his imaginary anti-Islamic views and get him suspended.

The director's suspension letter states where the alleged insult of Prophet Muhammad is about. "You said that Mohammed was married to an eight-year-old girl, and that in the Netherlands a grown man who marries a girl of eight is seen as a pedophile," you can read.

But the instructor denies having talked about the belief with students at all that day and never implores this kind of statement.

Merkel's Germany

Cops have arrested an Iraqi migrant for the murder of his Christian ex-girlfriend whose body was identified by her unique tattoos.

The fruits of diversity.

The police soon discovered that the dead woman was an Iranian migrant who was identified as 28-year-old Fatemeh B. She fled to Germany in 2016 and filed for asylum, saying she was persecuted for her Christian beliefs.

A Persian woman is murdered in Germany by an Iraqi. This is going to happen with increasing frequency in the West as uppity women are bashed and brutalized by Muslim men who view non-Muslim women as nothing but always willing sex slaves.

Poor victims

Smollett’s story was bizarre, bordering on the absurd. He claimed to have been attacked — at 2:00am in Chicago — by two men, in some early reports, wearing red MAGA hats, who called him “that Empire n_____,” yelled “this is MAGA country,” and poured bleach on him while putting a noose around his neck.

The questions here are obvious. How many Trump supporters even exist in the downtown of a city that went 83% for Hillary Clinton — and how many of them watch "Empire?" How many guys looking for a fight carry rope and bottles of bleach around with them? Almost every normal citizen had questions like these about this incident, and we were justified in having them.

The only thing they weren't carrying was the kitchen sink.

[...] what hate hoaxers actually do is worsen generally good race relations, and distract attention from real problems. As Chicago’s disgusted top cop, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, pointed out yesterday, skilled police officers spent four weeks tracking down Smollett’s imaginary attackers — in a city that has seen 28 murders as of Feb. 9th, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Blacks murdering other Blacks. Yawn.

White-MAGA-Nazis allegedly punching a Black man! The media and the police are on it!

Sick Swedes

Strandhäll wrote that Prime Minister Viktor Orban's demand for "more genuine Hungarian children" was offensive, "reeked of the 1930s" and effectively offset the benefits of feminism.

"What is happening in Hungary is alarming. Now Orban wants more 'genuine' Hungarian children to be born. The policy reeks of the 30s. A right-wing populist you need smokescreens for what this type of policy does to the independence women have been struggling for", Strandhäll tweeted.

White women taking care of their beautiful children = LITERALLY HITLER!

White women wasting away for a faceless, uncaring corporation = INDEPENDENCE!

This is how women react after the education complex and the media have pumped poison into their minds for decades. SLAVERY is FREEDOM!

Oh, it gets worse:

Viktor Orban's call for "Hungarian children" didn't resonate well with the Swedish press, either. Sydsvenskan's columnist Sofia Nerbrand wrote that Orban "should be ashamed" of steps to stimulate childbirth in Hungary.

"Viktor Orban's stated goal is that the Hungarian people will increase with the help of white Hungarian offsprings, not migrants," Nerbrand wrote, calling this approach 'unsavoury'. "Rhetoric and politics that put one's own people first and shut out the others should have no place in today's Europe."

These wicked elites truly are insane and anti-White.

Ireland murdered

Hazratullah Zazai annihilated the Irish bowlers today. Zazai smashed 16 sixes -- a new record -- and finished with 162 runs. It's astonishing that he didn't get out! Poor Ireland tried eight different bowlers. They all failed. Oh, another small matter: Afghanistan finished with the highest T20I total in history.

Now, Ireland start with a required run rate of 14.

Ireland lose by 84 runs. With one T20I to go, Afghanistan has a huge psychological edge.

Death by debt

Central bank chiefs are often reticent to criticize policy settings abroad. Not today: Australia’s central bank chief Philip Lowe questioned the wisdom of America’s fiscal largess and warned the U.S. will struggle to deploy stimulus in the next downturn.

America has had zero fiscal discipline for a long time.

Responding to a question on whether Australia should be more concerned about the spiraling American budget deficit, Lowe said: “you’re better off using fiscal policy than extreme monetary policy. But you can only do that if you’ve behaved yourself in the good times. And my judgment is that the U.S. has not.”

The American governments have been borrowing increasing amounts of money for decades. They've basically pulled forward and spent the wealth of their progeny and then left them with the largest debt in recorded history.Federal_Debt_Held_by_the_Public_1790-2013

"U.S. federal debt held by the public as a percentage of GDP,
from 1790 to 2013, projected to 2038"

The only question is: when will it come crashing down?

Appeasing the savages

The political elite and the universities aren't interested in arguments or debates.

A student who claimed the NHS should not be free to immigrants and lamented about the 'Islamisation' of Britain has been kicked out of his university.

Sebastian Walsh expressed his controversial opinions during class seminars and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) decided to suspend him after they received several complaints about his behaviour.

If the badThinker grovels, repents and attends a re-education camp, then he'll be allowed back.

The University of Central Lancashire told Mr Walsh he could return to his social work studies in September if he signed a good conduct agreement and agreed to undertake a diversity training course.

The rise of the ultra-nationalists is going to be very swift:

For all that the conservatives and cuckservatives like to complain about "the Left", it is becoming rapidly clear that nationalist communism as practiced in the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China is genuinely preferable to the globalist cultural subversion that has infested the West.

Three little pigs

I've noticed this too. The stories emerged just a few days apart with the same template: Oh, we should feel so sorry for these Muslim bitches and bring them back to the West.

Won't you feel sorry for this poor, oppressed Negro?

Life can be so harsh for colored people in America:

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson abhorred him as a 'troubled young man' who has 'taken advantage of the pain and anger of racism to further his career' by allegedly lying that he was attacked by racist and homophobic assailants on January 29.

Smollett makes $100,000 per episode on Empire, according to an associate who spoke to, and there are 18 episodes in the current season which earns him $1.8million.

He also has a record deal with Columbia Records but, according to police, was 'dissatisfied' and wanted to boost his profile.

Only $1.8 million a year! How is he supposed to buy this reasonably-priced car on that atrocious salary!? Outrageous! Shame on you, White people! Shame!

The "massive cherry on top of this idiot sundae":

Halaal Meth

This Persian is doing the jobs that Aussies just won't do:

An Iranian refugee who travelled to Australia in 2013 after he was forced to flee his home allegedly conspired to import $36million worth of meth into the country.

Hamid Ranjbarain starred in a CGU Insurance commercial in 2018 sharing his experience of fleeing his home in order to start a better life in Australia.

He just wanted to "give back".

The accusations come after the painter by trade said he 'wants to give back to Australia by employing people, growing my business and paying my taxes, because it has given my family a new life.

Cash for Jihad?

The average annual income in Yemen is $2,200. These guys were really generous.

The federal government called it a scam. Three men wired $88 million overseas, prosecutors say, and tried to keep it a secret. But a defense lawyer says they weren't doing anything bad with the money: They were just sending it home to relatives, and the government knew it.

$88 million to relatives in Yemen. Sounds legit.

Ayad is representing Omar Alhalmi, 38, who is charged with funneling $22.3 million to Yemen and other countries by creating phony businesses whose only purpose was to move cash overseas.

June 16, 2019

The ICC and the 2019 World Cup organising committee remain confident that the tournament's biggest match, to be played between India and Pakistan on June 16 in Manchester, will go ahead despite the volatile situation between the two countries in the wake of a terrorist attack in Kashmir last week.

I'll be shocked if the match is cancelled.

With the World Cup starting in exactly 100 days, there are have been scattered voices that want India to boycott the group match against Pakistan. The fixture itself remains the biggest game of the tournament: nearly half a million applications for tickets poured in as soon as the ICC opened its ballot. Even the World Cup final, to be played on July 14 at Lord's, paled in comparison with about a quarter of a million applications.

India lost big in the Champions Trophy final. They have a score to settle. Pakistan has never beaten India in a World Cup match. They want to change that miserable history. The two teams will be fighting hard in front of a global audience of over one billion people. This means serious cash. It would be staggeringly stupid to boycott this match.

Saying NO to Muslims

My preference would have been artillery barrage but this will do:

ISIS bride Shamima Begum's family last night vowed to take Home Secretary Sajid Javid to court saying his decision to strip her of her British citizenship is illegal.

Surely, the fifty-plus Muslim-majority countries of the world will open their arms for this pukka Muslim girl and her lovely family.

America won't take back one "Alabama" woman:

An Alabama woman who joined the Islamic State group in Syria won't be allowed to return to the United States with her toddler son because she is not an American citizen, the U.S. said on Wednesday. Her lawyer is challenging that claim.

You can always count on Muslims to take the side of evil:

Ashfaq Taufique, who knows Muthana's family and is president of the Birmingham Islamic Society, said the woman could be a valuable resource for teaching young people about the dangers of online radicalization were she allowed to return to the United States.

"Her coming back could be a very positive thing for our community and our country," Taufique said.

Come on, Muslim countries! Open your doors for this "valuable" woman. Hurry! Don't let this "positive thing" get away!

How to waste money

A Milan project has been revealed to have spent at least 15 million euros over the past three years to help migrants into work, but only 120 have actually found jobs.

The Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR) is a government-funded project that aids asylum seekers across Italy and in Milan spent millions on training courses, Il Giornale reports.

The Germans add a few zeroes:

Italy is not the only country to find great difficulty in integrating migrants into the labour market. In Germany, a recent report from last month revealed that 65 percent of asylum seekers in Germany are still unemployed despite the government spending billions on various programmes.