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Illegal alien rapes woman in Australia

His first act was to commit a crime and he didn't stop there:

An Afghan asylum seeker who arrived in Australia illegally by boat held a foreign university hostage and subjected her to six hours of sexual assault after luring her to a hotel using a bogus job ad.

This is how the politicians in the West create horrible incentives:

Alimadad has shown no remorse for his crimes and was supported in court by his wife and three young children - aged 18, 16 and an infant.

He had come to Australia on a boat with the help of people smugglers and when he was granted permanent residency his family joined him.

He came to Australia illegally and the government simply gave him, and his family, permanent residency! What exactly is the point of having all the paperwork involved with legal immigration? The Australian government rewarded a criminal and now, surprise!, they have more crime.


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