The End of America
Ban mean words

Whites need not apply

How to create more misery:

The first official action of Gov. Tim Walz’s administration was to renew a promise the state will strive to be more equitable and inclusive and for the first time making geography a focus of those efforts.

“In Minnesota, we all know we are better off when we are in it together,” Walz said. “The state must be a leader in ensuring everyone has an opportunity to thrive.”

Walz signed an executive order creating the “One Minnesota Council on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” on Wednesday at the Capitol.

As the very first comment at Vox Day states, that's an appropriate acronym: DIE!

Back to the misery; I laughed at this part:

“Whereas and therefore is not readable by most people,” Walz said. “We want people to be included enough that they can pick up an executive order, anything we put out from this office, and understand what it means for them.”

That change will also extend to public notices the state puts out looking for employees and contractors in hopes it will draw a more diverse pool of applicants.

Translation: Colored people are ignorant and dumb. So much so that they are not familiar with the concept of a dictionary. Therefore, the state will use simple and EE-ZEE words to attract the colored clowns. Progress!


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