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Traitors hard at work in Canada

Add a couple more to This Has Nothing To Do With Islam files:

Community leaders are working to calm fears and find ways to prevent an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant backlash in the wake of two arrests related to an alleged terrorist plot in Kingston, Ont. — yet the probe already has touched off a political debate over security screening for refugees.

A crazy Christian cuck chimes in:

Bronek Korczynski, who led the family's sponsorship through Our Lady of Lourdes church, said the community groups that met today will attempt to head off rumours and spread the message that the alleged offences have nothing to do with Islam. [...]

"This is not about casting aspersions on any faith community, on any identifiable ethnic or racial group. This is about an individual or individuals who have been involved in something that was brought to the attention of police," he told CBC News.

Of course. A man wanted to detonate explosives and murder Canadians. The fact that he's a Muslim refugee from Syria is just a coincidence that should not concern us at all.

Also, the fact that the current prime minister of Canada has imported approximately 50,000 Muslim refugees from Syria is also completely irrelevant. Just go back to your work and remember to vote LIBERAL in the federal election.


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