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Those famously moderate Muslims

The largest Islamic country in the world showcases its true colors:

The ailing Islamist cleric who inspired the Bali bombing in Indonesia is to be released from prison halfway through a 15-year jail term, the country's president said.

Abu Bakar Bashir's followers, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jemaah Islamiyah, carried out the attack on Bali in 2002, which killed 202 people, many of them foreign tourists.

Why would sweet, innocent, moderate Indonesia release a convicted terrorist?

Bashir's imminent release comes ahead of April's presidential election, and the run-up has seen opponents of President Joko Widodo try to discredit him as being insufficiently Islamic.

The president of Indonesia shows his countrymen that he's sufficiently Islamic by releasing the spiritual leader of Muslims who planned and slaughtered over 200 people -- mostly non-Muslims. This, to repeat, is how one looks more appealing to Muslims.


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