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The End of America

The empire is dying:

The strategic American military system for moving troops, weapons, and supplies over long distances has decayed significantly and needs rapid upgrading to be ready for any future war with China or Russia, according to a report by the Pentagon's Defense Science Board.

This part caught my eye:

The report warned that American military readiness in recent decades "has severely decayed" as the result of budget cuts, misaligned funding priorities, a lack of incentives to protect the defense industrial base, and insufficient wargaming.

"Insufficient wargaming"? Oh, the US military simply ignores the harsh reality:

In 2002, the U.S. military tapped Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper to lead the red opposing forces of the most expensive, expansive military exercise in history. He was put in command of an inferior Middle Eastern-inspired military force. His mission was to go against the full might of the American armed forces. In the first two days, he sank an entire carrier battle group.

That magnificent general showed that a knowledgeable, determined, and high-IQ adversary could kill tens of thousands of American soldiers and sink billions of dollars of military equipment in a few days with conventional weapons.

Did the American military learn from that epic and humiliating failure? Nope. They rigged the war game to have the US "win" at the end. Also, the Russians and the Chinese have learned a lot about US tactics and weaknesses over the last two decades. Logistics is only one small part of the problem.


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