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Toxic Blackness

The deceiver strikes again

Let's count the lies by largely using information from the link provided in the tweet.

Lie #1: "The MAGA hat boy's mother ..."

The mother of a high school student among the group filmed in confrontation with a Native American man after a rally in Washington DC has blamed “black Muslims” for the encounter. [...] The site said the woman was not the mother of the boy featured most prominently in the footage, who has since identified himself as Nick Sandmann [...]

Qasim Rashid isn't interested in the truth.

Lie #2: "... blames "Black Muslims" as the reason why the MAGA hat boy harassed the Native American elder."

[...] she claimed “black Muslims” had been harassing the group from the private, all-male Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky who were said to be in the capital to attend the anti-abortion March for Life.

In an email to the news website, the woman wrote: “Did you hear the names of the people were calling these boys? It was shameful. Did you witness the black Muslims yelling profanities and video taping to get something to further your narrative of hatred??

What did the Black Muslims say?

Extended footage depicts the apparent leader of the religious group hurling homophobic slurs at the students. “That’s Make America Great Again, a bunch of child-molesting f****ts”, he is heard to say. Another member – who seems to be the person filming – is recorded calling the children “dirty-ass crackers” and “racist bastards”. Approaching the students, he continues loudly: “Look at all these dusty-ass crackers with that racist garbage on.”

This mother correctly points out that Blacks were uttering profanities while the White kids didn't join them in the gutter. Also, the White kid with the MAGA hat did not harass the Native American. This, in Qasim Rashid's world of lies, translates to excusing the [phantom] racist behavior of the MAGA hat boy.

Lie #3: "blaming Black people and Muslims for your own parenting fails is definitely not racist."

No, this isn't a parenting fail. For decades, Whites have opened their countries to non-Whites -- even to a malevolent cunt like you, Qasim Rashid. Your shameless, insidious tweets show every American who is paying attention that you're a deceiver who has to go back.


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