Toxic Blackness
It's okay to be White

The deceiver doubles down

Qasim Rashid is truly a wicked creature:

Well, there you go! Why would anyone even bother watching the whole video to understand the drama with the Catholic high school kids when a snapshot of the eeeeeeevil MAGA hat is sufficient to condemn them. Case closed!

Also, it's quite rich of a Muslim to virtue signal about all those horrible things when:

  • Islam has almost nonexistent rights for non-Muslims.
  • Islam allows the rape of girls as young as nine-years-old.
  • Islam calls for the execution of ex-Muslims.
  • Strangely, refugees aren't picking Islamic countries as destinations.
  • Slavery is alive in Islamic lands today. Blacks hardest hit.
  • Muhammad ordered the massacre of all the men of a Jewish tribe. Then, he took the women and children as slaves. Today, most Muslim countries don't even allow the Jews from Israel to enter their territory. Saudi Arabia, for example, is a total No Jew Zone.

It's way past time for the West to send Muslims back to their countries.


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