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One of the greatest

State of Canada

It was just after noon last Saturday and the retired letter carrier had just been at the Streetsville Beer Store to return a month’s worth of empties when a police car flashed him to stop.

“I haven’t been pulled over for 40 or 50 years,” explains Art Lightowler. “I was shaking.” [...]

“He thought I had dropped off an excessive amount of bottles at The Beer Store,” Lightowler explains.

Murders by thugs with guns is rising in Ontario, opioid-related deaths are increasing in British Columbia, and confirmed members of ISIS are roaming free in Canada. Yet, police have the luxury of time to question and harass a law-abiding man who returned "too many" bottles at a store.

“I felt violated,” says Lightowler. “What do we have now, a police state?”

Some people learn the hard way.


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