Canadian murdered in Burkina Faso
The God-Emperor poses

Simon Mol dindu nuffin!

Life in the shiny, sexy, progressive utopia:

Simon Mol fucked over 300 leftist Polish women with the intention of infecting them with the AIDS virus. He succeeded infecting 40 of them. His lofty goal was murder of the White race through its women.

Simon Mol is dead now. His victims are wastrels dependent on expensive drug cocktails to stay alive. They are ruined for native Polish men. How many of Mol’s later conquests knew about his history with leftist women or about his disease, and fucked him anyway?

Black AIDS fux, White beta bux.

Simon Mol was a vector of death.
Simon Mol’s sponsors are enemies of European Christendom and the White race.
Simon Mol’s mudsharks are unsupervised children and traitorous cunts.

At least these ruined, HIV-infected women can look on the bright side: nobody ever called them a raycisss!


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