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The Founder of Vanguard

The King of index funds has passed away.

Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard who created the first index mutual fund for individual investors in 1975, died Wednesday at the age of 89, the company said.

Bogle transformed the way people invest. He believed that investors should own a mix of bonds and stocks but shouldn't pay investment managers to pick them.

Jack Bogle provided simple, low-cost investing to hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Even today, investment firms charge ridiculous fees for passive funds -- especially in Canada. It's common to see Management Expense Ratios (MERs) of over 2%!

I used to have a retirement savings plan through my work. The employees had to choose from Investors Group (IG), a predatory Canadian firm, that charged MERs as high as 3% a year. By contrast, out of all the funds that Vanguard offers, the highest MER is 0.39%.

Note that it's difficult to make apples-to-apples comparisons between companies and their funds because they don't really offer the exact same investments. So, one has to look at similar funds. I do remember comparing the relevant funds through my workplace and Vanguard and realized that IG charged 25 times more than Vanguard. In other words, Investors Group would charge me $25 for every $1 fee from Vanguard for the privilege of buying similar equities. Over decades that could result in a net loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the average worker.

Jack Bogle, unlike many financial charlatans, did a lot for the little guy.

They have to go back

A recent investigative report by the Fifth Estate has revealed that a Toronto mosque has been issuing marriage certificates for Muslims in polygamous relationships. [...]

“I’ve decided to have a marriage again, to take a second wife” says the undercover reporter to Imam Aly Hindy.

“We have no problem with the government because this is nikah [a Muslim marriage]. There is no problem,” says the Imam. “We are not going to register. If you register then it is illegal because you are already married.”

Not surprising at all. These Muslims don't give a flying fuck about Canadian law. Just wait till an undercover reporter in Canada finds a rich Muslim guy with multiple underage wives.

A Terrifying Narrative

Muslim Girl: Here’s Why the Rahaf Al-Qunun Narrative Is so Terrifying.

The halaal weasel wrote this gem of a paragraph:

As someone who understands and believes that Fiqh, or Islamic jurisprudence, is the work of scholars and not of laymen, I wouldn’t try to interpret the aspects of Fiqh that relate to this case. Scholars have had debates on apostasy, and what lies on the other side of it–blasphemy–what Islam prescribes regarding them, how various sects view them, along with the fatwas by different scholars, and the punishments associated.

This isn't rocket science. Is death the Islamic punishment for a person who leaves Islam? Yes or No. Of course, the Muslim girl won't answer that question because the truth is ugly.

As of 2014, apostasy was a capital offense in Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauritania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. What is, however, extremely important to evoke is the fact that executions for religious conversion have been infrequent in recent times, with only four cases reported since 1985. So it would be fair to assume that rarely are the apostasy laws used to punish the actual abandonment of Islam.

That's really rich. The ex-Muslims in those countries keep their mouths shut because they know that uttering their real beliefs would result in their instant murder.

Anyway, the author goes on to blame THE PATRIARCHY for the Muslim death mobs.

I remind those in power that constitutional laws are by humans, and it is important to assess them to ensure we don’t have patriarchy and majoritarianism hijacking Islam as a religion.

This "patriarchy" is absent from, for example, Christian countries where Christian women are free to leave their religion. Their families and societies don't hang those apostates in public. It's so strange that this mysterious "patriarchy" only inflicts Islamic countries. It's almost like this blaming the "patriarchy" tactic is a shameless excuse to sway attention away from the evil religion of Islam.

No romance for you!

The inhuman nature of Islam shines through in this story:

Egypt's Al-Azhar university on Sunday said it had expelled a female student after she appeared in a video hugging a male colleague, accusing her of undermining the school's reputation.

The context:

The video, which went viral earlier this month, showed a young man carrying a bouquet of flowers kneeling before a young woman and then hugging her in what appeared to be a marriage proposal.

In Islam, a man can own dozens of sex-slaves but hugging your wife-to-be is utterly shameful and scandalous.

Disavow. Disavow. Disavow!

After new racist comments by Watson surfaced in the recent PBS documentary American Masters: Decoding Watson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) – the pioneering research lab Watson led for decades – had finally had enough.

"Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory unequivocally rejects the unsubstantiated and reckless personal opinions," CSHL said in statement.

"Dr. Watson's statements are reprehensible, unsupported by science, and in no way represent the views of CSHL… The Laboratory condemns the misuse of science to justify prejudice."

Watson is a berry berry bad man!

In the new documentary, Watson states: "There's a difference on the average between blacks and whites on IQ tests. I would say the difference is, it's genetic."


The Evil White Oppressor Narrative must not be derailed by Watson. This horrible old man must pay for his disobedience.

One negro minimum in the current year

She certainly knows how to play to her SJW base.

IQ and genetics

This is one of the most bizarre and bogus tweets by N. N. Taleb. Why the hell would anyone judge "country IQ" by looking at immigrants in America? One can simply look at the bloody countries!

One can counter that the immigrants in America have been unshackled from the cultural and economic restraints in their home countries. Okay, but what makes you think that these immigrants are even close to the "average" in their own countries? The average Pakistani (IQ = 84) is illiterate. He can't read or write any language. Yet, the average Pakistani in America makes $63,000 a year and, likely, speaks more than two languages. The people who have left the shithole named Pakistan over the previous seven decades were definitely above average in intelligence.

Billionaire Soyboy

Global News: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie Bezos to divorce.

Billionaire Bezos just couldn't handle the attention from young, hot, naughty supermodels. He slipped, the wife found out, and now she's leaving him.

Well, that's what I thought. The truth is so much uglier:

News is out (thanks to Trump’s friends at the National Enquirer) that Bezos cheated on his wife of two decades and had an affair with a 49-year-old woman sporting staypuft lip injections. That’s her above, Lauren “dirty” Sanchez. She is the wife of a friend of the Bezos’. The timeline is murky, but the latest reporting suggests Bezos was slamming Slamchez while both were still married, but you know how these satanic cult elite marriages are arranged to allow for “managed indiscretions”.

The richest man in the universe was having an affair with a married woman who is old enough to be a grandmother! Sad!

Normally, I feel some sympathy for men who get taken to the cleaners by rapacious whores leveraging a corrupt divorce-rape system that enables their thievery, but in this case I will enjoy every minute of this spectacle and every last dollar squeezed out of robber baron Bezos’ Amazog Prime wallet. It couldn’t happen to a nicer globalist.

Also, the alleged texts are pure soy.

One of the greatest

This paragraph made me smile:

[...] if you asked a Pakistani batsman of a certain vintage to draw a boogieman, the picture would be of a 6"5 beanpole with the occasional snarl, mean as heck with runs, hanging around that off stump like a pesky fly around rotting food, his inches drawing out bounce and his fingers and wrist movement off the surface. Glenn McGrath to you and I.

McGrath was magnificent against almost everyone. The guy had the most spectacular retirement in cricket history: coming back from injury to win his third consecutive World Cup -- he was also the Man of the Tournament.

State of Canada

It was just after noon last Saturday and the retired letter carrier had just been at the Streetsville Beer Store to return a month’s worth of empties when a police car flashed him to stop.

“I haven’t been pulled over for 40 or 50 years,” explains Art Lightowler. “I was shaking.” [...]

“He thought I had dropped off an excessive amount of bottles at The Beer Store,” Lightowler explains.

Murders by thugs with guns is rising in Ontario, opioid-related deaths are increasing in British Columbia, and confirmed members of ISIS are roaming free in Canada. Yet, police have the luxury of time to question and harass a law-abiding man who returned "too many" bottles at a store.

“I felt violated,” says Lightowler. “What do we have now, a police state?”

Some people learn the hard way.

Whites need not apply

How to create more misery:

The first official action of Gov. Tim Walz’s administration was to renew a promise the state will strive to be more equitable and inclusive and for the first time making geography a focus of those efforts.

“In Minnesota, we all know we are better off when we are in it together,” Walz said. “The state must be a leader in ensuring everyone has an opportunity to thrive.”

Walz signed an executive order creating the “One Minnesota Council on Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” on Wednesday at the Capitol.

As the very first comment at Vox Day states, that's an appropriate acronym: DIE!

Back to the misery; I laughed at this part:

“Whereas and therefore is not readable by most people,” Walz said. “We want people to be included enough that they can pick up an executive order, anything we put out from this office, and understand what it means for them.”

That change will also extend to public notices the state puts out looking for employees and contractors in hopes it will draw a more diverse pool of applicants.

Translation: Colored people are ignorant and dumb. So much so that they are not familiar with the concept of a dictionary. Therefore, the state will use simple and EE-ZEE words to attract the colored clowns. Progress!

The End of America

The empire is dying:

The strategic American military system for moving troops, weapons, and supplies over long distances has decayed significantly and needs rapid upgrading to be ready for any future war with China or Russia, according to a report by the Pentagon's Defense Science Board.

This part caught my eye:

The report warned that American military readiness in recent decades "has severely decayed" as the result of budget cuts, misaligned funding priorities, a lack of incentives to protect the defense industrial base, and insufficient wargaming.

"Insufficient wargaming"? Oh, the US military simply ignores the harsh reality:

In 2002, the U.S. military tapped Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper to lead the red opposing forces of the most expensive, expansive military exercise in history. He was put in command of an inferior Middle Eastern-inspired military force. His mission was to go against the full might of the American armed forces. In the first two days, he sank an entire carrier battle group.

That magnificent general showed that a knowledgeable, determined, and high-IQ adversary could kill tens of thousands of American soldiers and sink billions of dollars of military equipment in a few days with conventional weapons.

Did the American military learn from that epic and humiliating failure? Nope. They rigged the war game to have the US "win" at the end. Also, the Russians and the Chinese have learned a lot about US tactics and weaknesses over the last two decades. Logistics is only one small part of the problem.

Ban dictionaries!

It's a brave new world:

You might have thought it was the most innocuous item someone could wear: a simple black T-shirt bearing the dictionary definition of woman as ‘human female’.

But a young mother has been barred from her local pub after a complaint that the words discriminated against transgender people.

The Nazi Of The Day chimes in:

Ms Wershbale said: ‘She told me that the T-shirt I was wearing was upsetting people because it was transphobic and not inclusive so I was barred. What she meant was that I was somehow offending men who say they are women because my T-shirt did not include them in the definition of a woman. There aren’t even any transgender staff or patrons at the pub. It’s crackers.’

Totally FUBAR.

Halaal entertainment

Two men are being prosecuted at Skaraborg District Court for having strangled a dog to death and thus subjected it to suffering.

Obviously, this is just a far-right conspiracy to demonize Muslims. It's not like the police has any evidence-

In connection with a drug investigation, the police searched one of the accused men’s mobile phones – and found a film of the two men and some other unknown people torturing a dog.

Yup. These evil thugs recorded the torture and killing of a puppy for their amusement.

Bad accountant

Parts of the, per person, monthly budget for the homeless woman and her daughter follow.

Phone: $112
Food: $450

Here's my relevant budget in Canada, in US dollars, for comparison.

Phone: $34
Food: $230

Note that Canada has, on average, higher prices! One of the constant things I hear about people who travel to the US for family visits, conferences, and vacations is: the food is so cheap! Yet, here we have a woman in America who burns over 50% of her take-home pay on food and phones and then has a total of, maybe, $100 for rent. No wonder, she doesn't have a proper roof.

Ginsburg is missing

The Supreme Court says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments for the first time in more than 25 years as she recuperates from cancer surgery last month.

Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Monday the 85-year-old Ginsburg is continuing to recuperate and work from home after doctors removed two cancerous growths from her left lung odn Dec. 21.

Trump will likely get his third Supreme Court justice in only three years!

Alone in Alaska

Richard Proenneke was an amateur naturalist who lived alone for nearly thirty years in the mountains of Alaska in a log cabin which he built with his own hands near the shore of Twin Lakes. Proenneke hunted, fished, raised and gathered his own food, and also had supplies flown in occasionally. He documented his activities in journals and on film, and also recorded valuable meteorological and natural data. The journals and film were later used by others to write books and produce documentaries about his time in the wilderness.

He lived alone but he wasn't fully separated from civilization. He depended on others for cameras, films, rifles, ammunition, and medicine. Still, it was a stunning and remarkable existence.

Merkel's legacy

The destruction of Deutschland continues:

An 18-year-old German student in the German city of Freiburg, was given a drink containing a drug rendering her completely “defenceless” at a disco.

She was then taken nearby to some bushes where ten men raped her over the course of four hours. Mayor Horn told tabloid “Bild”, stating the obvious, in October: “The woman is severely traumatised”.

Now, the eight Syrian migrants, an Algerian migrant and a German have been remanded into custody following DNA matches.

The details about one of them are, unfortunately, not surprising:

At least seven of the ten were already known to police. The main suspect, Majd H., 22-years-old, is already suspected of three counts of bodily harm and drugs related offences. He is accused of another gang rape of a 20-year-old woman in his own house.

No beauty for you!

These monsters would destroy classical sculptures of the human form if they had the power.

The Shiv Lord on this deletion of Beauty:

When the ugly, defomred, and repulsive are “accepted”, we are only a few short societal hops to their glorification, and finally to the demonization of Truth and Beauty.

The Ugly and Demented can’t rest being merely tolerated. The very existence of universal truths and beauty belies their agitprop, so they must destroy that which mocks them silently but powerfully. It was always going to end this way: Uglies in Power outlawing the true and the beautiful, and gaslighting a world into believing shit is chocolate ice cream and pearls are poison pills.

Apples gets cooked

Apple has survived on the fumes of greatness since the death of Steve Jobs:

In only three months, Apple has lost $446 billion in market capitalization — and counting, as the tech giant’s stock sinks further on Thursday.

Apple shares have fallen by more than 38 percent since Oct. 3, when the stock hit a 52-week high of $233.47 a share. With its market cap down to about $682 billion, those losses are larger than individual value of 496 members of the S&P 500 — including Facebook and J.P. Morgan.

I've never bought an Apple product. With their asinine prices, poor repair setups, weird quality issues, forced downclocking of processors, and the nth version of an iPhone, a lot of other people are curbing their purchases.

New tech in warfare

A Chinese navy warship armed with what looks like a mounted electromagnetic railgun has apparently set sail, possibly for testing in the open ocean.

The Type 072II Yuting-class tank landing ship "Haiyang Shan" and its weapon were spotted along the Yangtze River at the Wuchang Shipyard in Wuhan earlier this year.

This should concern the American allies around China:

China appears to be making progress as it moves toward mounting railguns on combat-ready warships, such as the new Type 055 stealth destroyers, rather than test bed ships like the Haiyang Shan. The US military, on the other hand, has yet to put the powerful gun on a naval vessel, even though railgun development began over a decade ago.

Those tolerant Muslim doctors!

Even the Nazis didn’t take such unbridled joy from genocidal hate and bigotry as do today’s Muslim Jew haters. It literally defines them.

Thanks to the Internet, we can all see that hatred. It's actually surprising that it took this long for Lara Kollab to get caught. She has been sharing her lovely views on twitter since 2011. Here's a small sample:


What's funny is that Lara Kabob would be outraged and scream NAZI when a restaurant or a country decides to kick out Muslims.