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Billionaire Soyboy

One of the greatest

This paragraph made me smile:

[...] if you asked a Pakistani batsman of a certain vintage to draw a boogieman, the picture would be of a 6"5 beanpole with the occasional snarl, mean as heck with runs, hanging around that off stump like a pesky fly around rotting food, his inches drawing out bounce and his fingers and wrist movement off the surface. Glenn McGrath to you and I.

McGrath was magnificent against almost everyone. The guy had the most spectacular retirement in cricket history: coming back from injury to win his third consecutive World Cup -- he was also the Man of the Tournament.


Tambi Dude

And also one of the most boring to watch. Watching that robot like perfection in line and length with no reverse swing or pace and bounce can only hold interest upto a limit. Akram was more interesting though less successful in test cricket.

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah. For pure Aussie entertainment, Shane Warne can't be beat. The footage of Strauss in Ashes 2005 always makes me laugh ... the bails are off but his legs are still moving for the defensive posture. Poor guy.

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