Comedy in the current year
Demand is hot for marijuana

Truth is hate speech

I can't help but smile at the guy. He looks tipsy while speaking about his love for White people. Of course, the triggered coloreds from inferior civilizations can't handle it. So, now, they're using the power of the mob to destroy his life.

The four granite pillars of Western Civilization:

  1. Athenian philosophy and democracy.
  2. Roman law.
  3. Christianity.
  4. White people -- more specifically the Anglo-Saxons.

These people or the progeny of the peoples who left their shitholes to enter White countries should, at a basic level, understand that what Whites have built is objectively better than the countries of the coloreds. Otherwise, why did they or their ancestors leave? But, of course, we don't live in a rational or moral world.

Yup. The cowards at Columbia University are "investigating" the incident.


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