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It was the will of Allah

The New Canadians

They are not so polite:

Four men have been charged with conspiracy and attempted murder in a brazen assault caught on video where a victim was pistol-whipped and shot multiple times during a robbery in the city’s Driftwood area last summer.

It wasn't during the robbery. It was after the robbery. The thugs had walked away with their loot and then came back to murder the victim. It's astonishing that he's alive.

The evil is identified:

Suspects identified as Ahmed Siyad, 27, Olad Olad, 20, Mohamud Duale, 28 and Ahmed Dirie, 26, all from Toronto, were each charged with offences including conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, robbery with a firearm, discharge firearm and possession of a loaded firearm.

They're definitely doing the "jobs" that Canadians just won't do.


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