Those Horrible Vietnamese White Supremacists!

Retarded Chinese hawk

Rule #1 of the modern world: Don't fuck with America. Apparently, this Chinese admiral didn't get that memo:

Luo Yuan, rear admiral in the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, and a well-known hawk, was invited to attend a meeting in Shenzhen on December 20 and delivered a speech regarding the current Sino–U.S. relationship. [...]

In his speech, Luo Yuan strongly advocated that China should respond with “asymmetric counterattacks.” That is, “use my strength to attack the enemy’s shortcomings. Strike at what the enemy fears. Focus our development on the enemy’s soft spot.”

Okay. Any specific suggestion?

Luo suggested using a missile to sink one U.S. ship and cause 5,000 casualties, and two with 10,000 casualties. “Let’s see if the U.S. is afraid or not.”

(Laughs.) How did such a staggeringly ignorant and stupid person attain such a high position in China? Sink two ships, murder thousands, and then "let's see if the U.S. is afraid or not"!? There are people alive today who witnessed what happened the last time when an Asian power sank American ships. Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened.

Also, Russia, India, and Japan won't stand with China after the foolish attack on America. China will be surrounded by enemies or, at best, neutrals. That will cripple their exports-heavy economy.


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