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Brazil's Trump

On the eve of taking office as Brazil's new president on Tuesday, Jair Bolsonaro is making clear he intends to implement the far-right agenda he promised during his election campaign.

On his Twitter account -- his preferred communication channel along with his Facebook page -- the former paratrooper has announced he will issue a decree immediately easing gun laws, and will work to "fight the Marxist trash" he believes is being taught in classrooms.

A staggering statistic from the Leftist nirvana:

He maintains that allowing "good" people to own guns will deter criminals, as well as bring down Brazil's record number of homicides, which reached nearly 64,000 last year.

The number of homicides in America was just over 17,000 in 2017. Adjusting for population, the homicide rate is 482% higher in Brazil when compared to the US!

The multicultural murders at Leicester

Fraud and arson didn't cut it:

A shopkeeper and two friends have been found guilty of murdering five people in a “bomb-like” explosion planned to secure a £330,000 insurance payout. Aram Kurd, Arkan Ali and Hawkar Hassan lit 26 litres of petrol in the basement of a Polish supermarket, causing a blast which destroyed the shop and a flat above.

The flat’s residents Mary Ragoobeer, 46, and sons Sean, 17, and Shane, 18, died in the explosion along with the elder teenager’s girlfriend Leah Beth Reek, 18. Shop worker Viktorija Ijevleva, 22, was also killed. Leicester Crown Court heard her killers left her die because she knew about the insurance policy, taken out just three weeks earlier.

It's isn't shocking that three Muslims set up an absurd explosion to collect insurance money. What is chilling is that not one of them objected to murdering a few people in the process. Seriously, how difficult would it have been to wait till the premises were empty?

The State of Islam

Ugly, vicious, and evil; that's life under Islam:

German prosecutors on Friday announced war crimes charges against a female member of the ISIS group who let a five-year-old girl die of thirst in the scorching sun.

While living in then ISIS-occupied Mosul, Iraq, the 27-year-old German citizen identified only as Jennifer W. and her husband had purchased the child as a household "slave" in 2015, said prosecutors.

"After the girl fell ill and wet her mattress, the husband of the accused chained her up outside as punishment and let the child die of thirst in the scorching heat," they said in a statement.

Cucks and cowards

Why are some White Christians so craven?

They took the cross off the church wall.

That’s the detail that caught my attention when I heard about the Millbourne Community Life Centre, a church that reinvented itself as a neighbourhood meeting space, open to anyone, and a drop-in centre for youth in what is sometimes a rough neighbourhood.

These days, the world can seem so polarized. To see the centre take down such a significant religious symbol to ensure Muslim and Sikh neighbours feel welcome is a beautiful gesture.

Those Christians might as well burn down the Church and then saw off their own heads if they're truly serious about appeasing Muslims.

They took down the cross. They opened the door. There’s no way of knowing what the future will bring to this vibrant hub. But I have faith that more good things are yet to come.

Blood, death, and carnage. That will be the worldly reward.

Elephants have feelings too!

Egyptian president President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has been accused of 'fat shaming' his population after telling television producers to prevent 'obese' presenters or guests from being broadcast on air.

The former general complained about the number of overweight Egyptians he has seen on the streets and suggested physical education should be a core subject in school and university.


Retarded Chinese hawk

Rule #1 of the modern world: Don't fuck with America. Apparently, this Chinese admiral didn't get that memo:

Luo Yuan, rear admiral in the People’s Liberation Army Navy, the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, and a well-known hawk, was invited to attend a meeting in Shenzhen on December 20 and delivered a speech regarding the current Sino–U.S. relationship. [...]

In his speech, Luo Yuan strongly advocated that China should respond with “asymmetric counterattacks.” That is, “use my strength to attack the enemy’s shortcomings. Strike at what the enemy fears. Focus our development on the enemy’s soft spot.”

Okay. Any specific suggestion?

Luo suggested using a missile to sink one U.S. ship and cause 5,000 casualties, and two with 10,000 casualties. “Let’s see if the U.S. is afraid or not.”

(Laughs.) How did such a staggeringly ignorant and stupid person attain such a high position in China? Sink two ships, murder thousands, and then "let's see if the U.S. is afraid or not"!? There are people alive today who witnessed what happened the last time when an Asian power sank American ships. Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened.

Also, Russia, India, and Japan won't stand with China after the foolish attack on America. China will be surrounded by enemies or, at best, neutrals. That will cripple their exports-heavy economy.


Vox Day vs. N. N. Taleb:

Fourth, Taleb conflates intelligence with survival. But this is just flat-out wrong. Intelligence is simply a measure of intellectual ability, just as size, strength, and speed are measures of physical ability. And while intellectual ability is not necessarily as easily quantified, and while IQ is assuredly not a perfect measure, it is no more correct to redefine it simply because some people with lower IQs have higher incomes than other people with higher IQs than it would be correct to redefine size because some short people have higher incomes than taller people.

It was surprising to read this take on IQ and survival by N. N. Taleb. Just because one scores super-high on an IQ test doesn't imply that one will survive and thrive. For example, an ultra high IQ guy who is lazy and obnoxious is likely going to do a lot worse in life (marriage, kids, wealth) than a slightly above-average IQ guy who is diligent and kind.

This is actually a more hopeful and optimistic view of the world. Imagine if, for instance, financial success was almost solely determined by IQ. Oops, kid, you don't have an above average IQ. You won't ever become a doctor, engineer or a tech guy. In fact, you'll be a janitor or a gas station attendant for life. You'll never be rich. Fortunately, that's not true.

The thugs with badges tried

Police who arrested an innocent couple over the Gatwick drone attack were last night accused of conducting an "appalling" investigation, after it emerged they had repeatedly ignored evidence from a key witness.

Paul Gait, 47, and his wife, Elaine Kirk, 54, were released without charge yesterday (Sun) after being questioned for 36 hours in connection with the disruption at Britain's second busiest airport.

But Mr Gait's boss, who was with him when the drone attacks took place, said detectives had not even bothered to call him back when he offered to provide an alibi.

The British police tried to manufacture a case against an innocent, White couple but failed. This is in contrast to many real crimes by Muslims that they fail to even notice.

Misinformed and murdered

Advocating for snakes doesn't make one immune to the poison:

Jespersen and Ueland no doubt also learned that Islam is a religion of peace, and that only racist, bigoted “Islamophobes” think otherwise. So why should they have had any reason to be concerned about hiking in a Muslim country such as Morocco? [...]

The educators who taught in the schools they attended most likely conveyed the impression that anyone who thought that two young Scandinavian women might be at risk when camping alone in Morocco was simply a “racist.”

Now, these two indoctrinated women are dead -- murdered by proud Muslims who recorded and shared the evil act. It must comfort the family and friends of the victims to know that the beheaded and buried angels were totally not racist!

Colored Vaginas Only

The true face of the modern progressive in America:

She does have a point. The democrats have become so anti-White and anti-men that a White male candidate is simply not going to generate maximal excitement in the colored, bitchy base of the Left. The real question is: how many Whites on the democratic side will see all this, wake up, and switch their votes to the Right?

White = Infidel

If you are White, then you're not Muslim. Therefore, it's fine to slaughter you. That's the simple reasoning for such Muslims. That logic works 99% of the time.

Don't mess with China

Pakistan was perfectly fine with getting billions of dollars from America while shielding Osama bin Laden within her borders. However, they also get billions from China while refusing to use mere rhetoric against them:

One million Muslims held in extrajudicial detention in second biggest economy in the world, says UN.

Pakistan on Thursday defended its close ally China against a growing outcry over Muslims who are being detained by Chinese authorities, saying the issue was being "sensationalized" by foreign media. [...]

In recent years, Pakistan has heavily pushed its relationship with China, lauding the tens of billions of investment dollars that Beijing is pouring into the country as a "game changer".

The gracious behavior of the West invites contempt and condemnation from Muslims. The ruthless conduct of China makes the same Muslims think twice about yapping in public. This is a very useful lesson for Western countries. Too bad their political elites are dumb traitors.

The "Windsor Man" Saga

Multiple generations of White Canadians have supported open immigration for several decades. The real price for this perfidy will be paid by the Millennials and Generation Z. But, sometimes, one of the older groups gets to suffer the consequences:

“Sara Anne Widholm, 76, died at Windsor Regional Hospital on Saturday, Dec. 15,” the Windsor Star reports, but this was not a mere obituary. On October 8, 2017, while out for a walk on the Ganatchio Trail in Windsor, Widholm was the victim of a “vicious” and “unprovoked” attack by Habibullah Ahmadi, 21.

He was originally charged with assault, later upgraded to attempted murder and now second-degree murder with the death of his victim.

The surgeon, to his credit, hasn't been silent:

“The worst skull fractures I’ve seen in my 12 years here in Windsor,” Jhawar told reporters. “This is among the most brutal things I’ve seen in my career.” The victim’s multiple brain hemorrhages and fractured skull and vertebrae required eight hours of surgery.


Attacker Habibullah Ahmadi was 21, a full adult, but police never released his booking photo. News reports described him as a “Windsor man,” who goes by the name “Daniel.” Local and national news stories contained no statements from Habibullah Ahmadi, nor any indication that he had declined an interview. Likewise, news reports contained no quotes from Habibullah Ahmadi’s family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or fellow students in Windsor.

The Narrative: Awful, privileged White people hate angelic, oppressed darkies.

This "Windsor Man" story doesn't fit that mold. If a Trump-supporting, right-wing Nazi White guy in Canada had even looked at a Muslim garbage bag with contempt, then the media would be spinning stories about how Canada needs to do better. But, that's not what happened. The reality is that a Muslim thug murdered an old White woman by smashing her skull and the response from The Enemy Of The People is, as expected, near-total silence.

Turks in Holland

Don't the Europeans get tired of being shocked?

Students, teachers and families in the Dutch city of Rotterdam have expressed their shock after a 16-year-old pupil was shot dead in the grounds of her college.

The suspect?

A 31-year-old man has been arrested. The girl's friends said she had broken up with him some time ago and had complained of being threatened by him. [...]

Humeyra Öz had got to know the suspect, identified as Bekir E, via Facebook two years ago and had ended their relationship on the site too, Dutch media said.

The Dutch have lived in peace for so long that they invited war inside their borders without comprehending the situation. Now, they'll learn the hard way.

Those moderate Moroccans

Many White people virtue-signal about their love for diversity and colored folks but at least they have the sense to not vacation in Islamic shitholes. These two women didn't possess that minimum level of instinct:

The bodies of two Scandinavian women with neck injuries "caused by a cutting device" have been found in the High Atlas mountains in Morocco.

That is some bizarre wording. In simple terms:

A man, who asked to not to be named, told the new website that the pair were tourists who were "allegedly found decapitated".

The road to shithole

Iraqi and Afghan asylum seekers were up to 40 times more likely than native Finns to be suspects in sexual crimes in Finland in 2017, according to official statistics.

Statistics for the first 11 months of 2018 show a similar result, with Iraqi asylum seekers and migrants being suspected in a total of 157 sexual offences, making them the most numerous of any foreign group in the statistics — despite only being the third-largest minority in the country, behind Russians and Estonians, Ilta-Sanomat reports.

Finnish refugee councillor Ala Saeed explained that part of the reason is that Iraqis, especially those from older clans, have cultural norms in which men are able to do anything they like to women without consequences.

The Finns must be feeling mighty fortunate for such "cultural" gifts upon their society. Anyway, it's, of course, just a coincidence that all these cultured men happen to be Muslims.

What is that smeell!?

Obviously, all these future doctors and engineers are simply taking capital to pay for their high tuition fees. Can you blame 'em?

Anyway, regarding the police: You are on your own. Don't expect the official thugs with guns to bother protecting your property or saving your ass.

Cut them down!

How many trees are there in Ontario, Canada?

85 billion. Population of Ontario: 14.2 million people. So, for each person in the province there are 6,000 trees. The problem isn't not enough trees. The problem is that there is not enough space for real estate. Canada is absolutely huge. Yet, two of the most expensive real estate markets in the world are in Vancouver and Toronto. Banks are definitely happy but the average Canadian suffers in this artificial supply crunch.

It was the will of Allah

A 54-year-old man has been charged with hate crime for assaulting an Indian-origin woman on a subway and hurling homophobic slurs at her.

Allasheed Allah from Manhattan's East Harlem neighbourhood was arrested on Thursday and charged with assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment against 20-year-old Avneet Kaur during the November 30 attack in New York City's Queens borough, the police said.

The third paragraph details the serious nature of the assault:

Allah is also accused of hurling homophobic slurs at the woman before physically attacking her and leaving her with a fractured spine, NBC News reported on Friday. He faces up to 15 years in prison for the attack and will return to court on December 27.

A Muslim guy fractures the spine of an Indian woman in America. Isn't diversity just lovely? Don't expect this story to be given 24/7 coverage for the rest of the month since it can't be used to bash White Americans.

"Queens County is the most diverse county in the nation. It is home to many races, nationalities and sexual orientations. Crimes motivated by bias - particularly those involving violence - will never be tolerated in this county," said Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown in a statement.

What this clown fails to comprehend is that it's diversity itself that caused this problem. He might as well put zebras, hyenas, and lions in an arena and demand zero violence.

The New Canadians

They are not so polite:

Four men have been charged with conspiracy and attempted murder in a brazen assault caught on video where a victim was pistol-whipped and shot multiple times during a robbery in the city’s Driftwood area last summer.

It wasn't during the robbery. It was after the robbery. The thugs had walked away with their loot and then came back to murder the victim. It's astonishing that he's alive.

The evil is identified:

Suspects identified as Ahmed Siyad, 27, Olad Olad, 20, Mohamud Duale, 28 and Ahmed Dirie, 26, all from Toronto, were each charged with offences including conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, robbery with a firearm, discharge firearm and possession of a loaded firearm.

They're definitely doing the "jobs" that Canadians just won't do.

No party for fake news

President Trump has canceled the White House holiday party for the media, making the decades-old tradition a victim of his increasingly contentious relationship with major news organizations.

Journalists who attended the events, which featured a catered buffet of lamb chops, crab claws and elaborate desserts, got to roam the decorated mansion with a spouse or other family member, a friend or a colleague, adding to the invitation's allure.

No sense in dining with the enemy.

Savagery in Australia

Up to 20 African-Australian youths are wanted over a “brutal” unprovoked attack which left two men unconscious and a third injured on the trouble-plagued St Kilda foreshore.

Port Phillip CIU Detective Senior Constable Nathan Sheppard said the attack was “brutal” and “senseless.”

He said the initial attack was carried out by up to 10 youths, who appear to have picked their targets at random about 11.45pm on December 1.

When a White guy says something uncomfortable to colored people, it's because he's a racist, bigot, Nazi. When a group of savage black thugs brutally attack three White men, it's just so "random".

Det Sen Con Sheppard said the public should not avoid the area despite the surge in attacks by violent African youths.

He said police have stepped up patrols to keep the public safe.

What an absolutely nefarious son of a bitch! You have video evidence and yet you haven't made a single fucking arrest and this is supposed to make Australians feel safe!?

International Man of Enrichment

The 29-year-old who shot and killed at least two people and injured 13 others at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, northeastern France last night, was well known to police and security services in no less than three countries.

Cherif Chekatt, who shouted 'Allahu Akbar' - meaning 'God is Great' in Arabic - as he opened fire on the crowds, is known to be part of Islamist networks in Strasbourg and has a lengthy criminal record which includes 27 convictions as well as lengthy prison sentences in Germany, France and Switzerland.

The French secret service had been warned that he had become radicalised in prison, and placed him on a designated 'threat to the state' watchlist in 2015 - but this had not been communicated to German authorities who jailed him for burglary in 2016.

He was likely planning something big but a police raid triggered a premature Jihad episode.

Yesterday morning, police searched his flat in connection with a different crime, and found an arsenal of weapons including a grenade, but Chekatt was not at home at the time of the raid, and would later go on to kill and maim more than a dozen people.

France is in serious need of common sense grenade control.

A manhunt is now underway for Chekatt, who managed to flee the scene in a hijacked taxi after being shot in the arm during an exchange of fire with French soldiers in the city centre.

He's a good Muslim boy. He could've been an airplane pilot!

The suspect's criminal record includes 25 court convictions, including many for armed robbery, and he had frequently been locked up.

Demand is hot for marijuana

Shortages of cannabis in Alberta, Canada:

"I kind of thought there were going to be shortages," he said. "I figured certain strains would sell out faster and it would be harder to get those in. I didn't realize there were going to be shortages of every single strain with every single LP [licensed producer]."

Canopy Growth is the only licensed producer that consistently seems to have product available, he said. 

Trevor Bamsey owns two Rocky Mountain Collective cannabis stores in Hinton. He, too, said Canopy has the biggest selection and the most consistency with its products.

That's surprising because one would think that Aurora Cannabis, the largest marijuana cultivator in Alberta, would have the most consistent supply. Anyway, the sales numbers in February 2019 will give us a bigger picture. The real winners and losers can be judged in February of 2020 as we'll have sales data for an entire year.

Truth is hate speech

I can't help but smile at the guy. He looks tipsy while speaking about his love for White people. Of course, the triggered coloreds from inferior civilizations can't handle it. So, now, they're using the power of the mob to destroy his life.

The four granite pillars of Western Civilization:

  1. Athenian philosophy and democracy.
  2. Roman law.
  3. Christianity.
  4. White people -- more specifically the Anglo-Saxons.

These people or the progeny of the peoples who left their shitholes to enter White countries should, at a basic level, understand that what Whites have built is objectively better than the countries of the coloreds. Otherwise, why did they or their ancestors leave? But, of course, we don't live in a rational or moral world.

Yup. The cowards at Columbia University are "investigating" the incident.

Comedy in the current year

A student club at the University of London is requiring that all comedians sign a "behavioral agreement" as a condition of performing at a January comedy night.

One can understand if the student club asked the comedians to not use cuss words in their act but that's not what melts the snowflakes:

"By signing this contract, you are agreeing to our no tolerance policy with regards to racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia or anti-religion or anti-atheism."

"All topics must be presented in a way that is respectful and kind. It does not mean that these topics can not be discussed. But, it must be done in a respectful and non-abusive way," the agreement added.

The contract is a joke.

Tawk is cheap, action matters

It's always amusing when a woman volunteers information about what she wants and then proceeds to behave in a strangely contradictory manner. For example, I overheard a girl who was discussing her exercise goals and told the audience that, in the previous year, she paid a $500 annual fee for a gym membership. Number of times she entered the gym: zero.

"Nothing wrong with slaves"

Number 3 illustrates the wickedness of Islam. Numbers 1 and 4 showcase the stupidity of this Muslim.

He clarifies that Muhammad sexually assaulted the poor, brutalized woman after marrying her. (Slaughtering her father and brother before was just a cultural thing.) Yet, given his own satanic logic, it would have been perfectly acceptable for Muhammad to not marry her and simply use her as a sex slave. In other words, pointing out the chivalrous "wait till marriage" bit was utterly pointless and inane.

Whites are the new kulaks

The country’s National Assembly approved a proposal to change the constitution to make the so-called reforms legal in a vote of 183 to 77.

This paves the way for land to be taken from farmers without giving any kind of compensation.

Just think of it as a 100% property tax on eeevil White people.

According to local reports, Economic Freedom Fighters MP Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi argued land grabs must go ahead as she declared: “Your time is up, white people”.

How progressive.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has previously defended his radical plans, saying they are necessary for equality.

The slogan of shitholes: Theft is necessary for equality!

Don't offend the faggots

Better yet, stop using twitter:

The anti-gay slur? Queer. That's so gay.

Unfortunately, the Offensive Black Man did the worst thing in response:

Memo to Murray: Saying nigger is still cool but if you go after the homos or the Jews, then it's GAME OVER!

The hills are dead

No Nazi symbols for you!

The hills are alive … with the sound of political correctness.

Nazi props were temporarily declared verboten in LaGuardia High School’s production of the Third Reich-set classic “The Sound of Music” prior to the show’s Thursday night opening.

The principal at the elite “Fame” school, Lisa Mars, ordered Nazi flags and symbols removed from the stage set of the beloved tale of the Von Trapp family, who fled the Nazis from their native Austria as Adolf Hitler took power, students told the Daily News.

That's definitely an "elite" level of stupid.

Anyway, here's a scene from the movie with, er, slight modifications.

Those bigoted Koreans!

The sickness of Islam in South Korea:

Incheon District Court on Thursday sentenced a Syrian to three years in jail for violating the anti-terrorism law. The defendant was found guilty of inciting people to join the Islamic State group.

The 33-year-old Syrian, who worked at a junkyard in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, entered Korea 10 years ago and applied for asylum. Although the asylum bid was rejected, the Syrian was granted a humanitarian stay permit and traveled between Korea and Syria.

A Syrian applies for asylum in a foreign land and then ... travels back to Syria!? The Koreans should have immediately canceled his permit right there and then. In fact, why haven't they already deported the fake refugee?

According to the court, the Syrian uploaded videos and posts of IS on social media accounts, as well as a Telegram link that directly connects people to a secret chat room with IS members. The Facebook account of the Syrian had once been disabled due to its terrorism-related content.

The cortex is occasional

Politicians love socialism because it grants them near-total power over people:

She's practically salivating.