The "Windsor Man" Saga
White = Infidel

Don't mess with China

Pakistan was perfectly fine with getting billions of dollars from America while shielding Osama bin Laden within her borders. However, they also get billions from China while refusing to use mere rhetoric against them:

One million Muslims held in extrajudicial detention in second biggest economy in the world, says UN.

Pakistan on Thursday defended its close ally China against a growing outcry over Muslims who are being detained by Chinese authorities, saying the issue was being "sensationalized" by foreign media. [...]

In recent years, Pakistan has heavily pushed its relationship with China, lauding the tens of billions of investment dollars that Beijing is pouring into the country as a "game changer".

The gracious behavior of the West invites contempt and condemnation from Muslims. The ruthless conduct of China makes the same Muslims think twice about yapping in public. This is a very useful lesson for Western countries. Too bad their political elites are dumb traitors.


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