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Demand is hot for marijuana

Shortages of cannabis in Alberta, Canada:

"I kind of thought there were going to be shortages," he said. "I figured certain strains would sell out faster and it would be harder to get those in. I didn't realize there were going to be shortages of every single strain with every single LP [licensed producer]."

Canopy Growth is the only licensed producer that consistently seems to have product available, he said. 

Trevor Bamsey owns two Rocky Mountain Collective cannabis stores in Hinton. He, too, said Canopy has the biggest selection and the most consistency with its products.

That's surprising because one would think that Aurora Cannabis, the largest marijuana cultivator in Alberta, would have the most consistent supply. Anyway, the sales numbers in February 2019 will give us a bigger picture. The real winners and losers can be judged in February of 2020 as we'll have sales data for an entire year.


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