Elephants have feelings too!
Diversity and the Left

Cucks and cowards

Why are some White Christians so craven?

They took the cross off the church wall.

That’s the detail that caught my attention when I heard about the Millbourne Community Life Centre, a church that reinvented itself as a neighbourhood meeting space, open to anyone, and a drop-in centre for youth in what is sometimes a rough neighbourhood.

These days, the world can seem so polarized. To see the centre take down such a significant religious symbol to ensure Muslim and Sikh neighbours feel welcome is a beautiful gesture.

Those Christians might as well burn down the Church and then saw off their own heads if they're truly serious about appeasing Muslims.

They took down the cross. They opened the door. There’s no way of knowing what the future will bring to this vibrant hub. But I have faith that more good things are yet to come.

Blood, death, and carnage. That will be the worldly reward.


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