The Yasir Shah show continues
Whoa, dude!

The forked-tongue intensifies

The dishonesty and deception is breathtaking:

I clicked on the link about slavery. There, one can download a book titled Islam and Slavery by Mirza Bashir Ahmad. Apparently, 77 pages are required to explain how Islam "ended" slavery. Initially, we get a few inane and specific reasons for the possible liberation of a slave. For example, on page 15:

"Asma, daughter of Abu Bakar (first Successor of the Holy Prophet), reports that the Holy Prophet ordered the setting free of slaves on the occasion of solar eclipses."

Surprisingly, we actually get Islamic law on page 17:

[...] it was necessary that there should be some sure and permanent means of securing the freedom of the existing slaves. To achieve that end Islam introduced a system known as Mukatubat. By this system, the master was bound to set free a slave who had made himself qualified for emancipation [...] on condition of the latter's earning or procuring a reasonable amount of money.

So, zero solar eclipses and no money? Tough luck, slave, you're still owned.

Oh, it gets worse. You see, the treatment of slaves under Islamic law is super awesome. They can only be set free under a few strict conditions. You can't just set them all free at once! That'll be chaos. Just look at the US (page 35):

Does not the white man of America practically treat his emancipated black slave as worse than even the meanest of slaves in the world? Does the emancipated "nigger" look upon himself as really free in America? Certainly the relations between the white emancipators and emancipated blacks in America are the worst specimen of inter-class relations found in the world.

The poor "niggers" in the US are treated worse than how Muslims treat their black slaves in Africa. Surely, the beaten, naked, and chained blacks in Libya are counting their blessings: Oh, at least, I'm not in America!

At page 47:

IF there is any teaching of Islam which may be represented as sanctioning slavery, it is its teachings with regard to the prisoners of war.

Hello ISIS!

The final nail in the coffin at page 64:

IT has been objected that the Holy Prophet by permitting Muslims to form conjugal relations with their female slaves has opened the door of self-indulgence to his followers.

Yeah, Muhammad with his filthy followers slaughtered non-Muslim tribes and took their women and children as sex-slaves. Muslim savages have continued with that tradition for the last fourteen hundred years.

Islam is vile, vicious and utterly barbaric. That's why Muslim creatures like Qasim Rashid have to constantly lie to hide its genuinely disgusting nature. Islam didn't abolish slavery. It merely codified it. Qasim links to a source that provides the sordid details about Muhammad and slavery but tweets that "he ended slavery in a generation." Nope, he made sure that the evil will live on.


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