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The cannabis cultivators in Canada do not have enough supply for the recreational legalization which starts tomorrow. On top of that they have to glue a dumb government stamp on every SKU which will cause a further supply crunch:

At a warehouse in Smiths Falls, Ont., a row of sleek-looking machines are in full function, carefully pasting colourful stamps onto packaged cans and packets filled with dried cannabis.

It’s an efficient process that belies what has been a near-universal annoyance for licensed producers in the runup to legalization: the need to paste government-issued excise stamps onto hundreds of thousands of cannabis packages prior to sale.

Linton isn't amused:

“So you gotta put — appropriately so — different excise tax stamps for each province, but then the company that makes the excise tax stamp doesn’t put glue on the back. So now you have to find somebody to attach glue to stick on to the product.… Who would have thought that’s a thing?” lamented Bruce Linton, whose company, Canopy Growth Corp., ultimately decided to source machines that would just get the job done as quickly as possible.

It's funny that many talking heads are yapping about the looming shortage of marijuana and yet the government couldn't even manage to deliver a small piece of paper on time:

Among the issues were that the stamps arrived late, that they didn’t fit certain producers’ package sizes and that they had to be manually glued on to ensure that they fully comply with specifications listed in the Excise Act.


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