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Virat Kohli is the best Indian batsmen in the game today. His record stands pretty well against one of the greatest batsmen in history:

Given that they are arguably the two most iconic modern-day ODI batsmen, it was quite fitting that Kohli emulated Tendulkar in reaching the 10,000-run mark in style: Tendulkar had reached his landmark by scoring 139 against Australia in Indore in 2001; Kohli went past the landmark with an unbeaten 157 against West Indies in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. They are the only batsmen to reach this landmark with centuries. With Kohli smashing Tendulkar's record of fastest to 10,000 ODI runs in terms of innings, it is a good time to compare Kohli's current stats with Tendulkar's, at the time the latter reached the landmark.

The Little Master was ahead during his time:

During the period after he started opening the batting, Tendulkar scored a hundred every 6.86 innings when batting in the top four, compared to other top-four batsmen who scored one every 24.7 innings. That means Tendulkar was around 3.6 times better than the others batting in the top four during that period. For Kohli, that ratio is about 3.11, which shows clearly that scoring hundreds has become a lot easier now than in the first half of Tendulkar's era. These ratios indicate just how remarkable both batsmen have been in their rates of scoring hundreds, but Tendulkar was at an even higher level compared to his peers, than Kohli has been in the current era.


Kohli will turn 30 next month. The World Cup is next year. Kohli's Indians are definitely serious contenders for the trophy.


Tambi Dude

The comparison is far from valid. Tendulkar's 10000 runs were scored between 1989-2001 when the likes of Ws of Pak, Ambrose/Walsh from WI, and top Aussie bowlers were bowling. Plus the wkts in those days gave bowlers some chance.
VK is the best today, but I am not sure blanket comparisons across generations.

BTW notice that there is only one Pak batsman in 10K list. Just goes to show how Pak has produces great bowlers, but hardly any great batsman.

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