The rise of robots
Those crazies in Vermont

That phantom privilege

There is no hate speech, unless there is also anti-White hate speech. Right now, the media harangues Whites as collectively guilty for the former, and denies Whites collective or individual suffering for the latter.

This is untenable. The D+P=W tension is straining the last strands of American social cohesion. Something’s gonna give. If one group keeps getting shat upon, eventually that group will stop offering their faces as a toilet.

Standards are for White people. Coloreds get a giant pass. The most visible and surreal way this takes place is when it comes to Whites vs. Blacks.

Blacks say nigger nigger nigger in a song. BECOME MILLIONAIRES.

Whites say nigger in any context. BIGOT! FIRED! ERASED!

Discriminate against White people in university admissions. PROGRESSIVE!

Discriminate against Blacks in any context. RACIST! NAZI! DIE!

Eventually, Whites will come together and form their own country. Then, the colored groups will be left to kill each other to attain power. Of course, this will be blamed on Whites.


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