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Test no. 2030

When I woke up today, Australia was at 87/0. I read a few news stories and checked the score again and it was 87/3. The Marsh Ducks were to blame.

I thought that Pakistan would push for a 500-run lead for the psychological edge but they declared with a 462-run target for Australia. It's still too much. The only question now is: for how long will Australia survive on the fifth day? Under 30 overs would be my bet.


Tambi Dude

These days every team is a home bully only. Gone are the days of all conquering teams like WI of 1980 or Aus of 00s which use to win comfortably while on road.

Isaac Schrödinger

Yeah. I watched the truly elite champions like McGrath, Warne, Hayden, Gilchrist, Waugh, etc. destroy almost everyone in their path from 1999-2007. No other team has emerged to take their place.

Tambi Dude

"Under 30 overs would be my bet."

You lost it. I accept Visa and Mastercard.

Tambi Dude

What a bowling? Truly express pace and that too against a batting line up you mentioned above.

Isaac Schrödinger

When the stumps would be flying after a scorching Akhtar delivery, I would think, "How do you play that? How can you defend against that?"

Answers: You can't.

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