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It's a fight!

The game went to the end:

It isn't often that a series against Australia is termed an appetiser, but it has taken just one T20I against New Zealand to understand why this tour will be the main course of Pakistan's home season. They may have swarmed over Australia in the Tests and T20I series, but the little brothers in that trans-Tasman relationship look unlikely to be pushed over easily.

Pakistan still managed to sneak home, but it wasn't until the last ball that the outcome was secure, with 18-year old Shaheen Afridi keeping his composure to defend 17 off the final over. New Zealand fell two short, with Imad Wasim's big hits towards the end and Mohammad Hafeez's rescue act - 45 off 36 - after the openers fell cheaply proving to be the difference.

Strange, they didn't mention the extras. Pakistan gave away 3. New Zealand ... 5. 

Anyway, the spectators definitely got their money's worth.

Can you feel the peace?

Too many Muslims outside of the Middle East have an utterly naive view of Muslim Arabs. They think that they'll be treated well by the Arabs because they're coreligionists. Also, Islam doesn't see color! They're all brothers and sisters! No racism, sexism, and xenophobia! Ponies and rainbows!

Then, reality hits them like a sword to the neck:

Indonesia has filed an official protest with Saudi Arabia after the kingdom executed an Indonesian domestic worker without notifying her family or consular staff.

Tuti Tursilawati was executed on Monday in the city of Taif, Indonesia's foreign ministry said, seven years after she was sentenced to death for killing her employer in an act she claimed was self-defence from sexual abuse.

Welcome to the heart of Islam.

Bar Refaeli vs. Barbarians

Bar Refaeli, an Israeli supermodel, has hurt the precious feelings of savages:

Bar Refaeli’s new clothing ad has sparked outrage over its depiction of Muslims. It shows the Israeli supermodel taking off a niqab and suggesting that there is no freedom in Iran.

Images of Rafaeli wearing the Islamic headcover appeared in newspapers and on billboards around Israel this weekend, all featuring the words, “Iran is here?”

I can't even!

This tweet takes the cake:

"Freedom propaganda"! What's amusing is that the ad specifically mentions Iran where women have been thrown in jail for taking off their filthy garbage bags in public. Simple reality is now "freedom propaganda".

A reprieve

Pakistan's Supreme Court on Wednesday freed a Christian woman from a death sentence for blasphemy against Islam and overturned her conviction, sparking angry protests and death threats from an ultra-religious party and cheers from human rights advocates.

[...] The case outraged Christians worldwide and been a source of division within Pakistan, where two politicians who sought to help Bibi were assassinated.

The legal system of Pakistan has decided to not murder a Christian woman after keeping her in jail for over nine years.

Chief Justice Saqib Nasir, who headed a special three-person bench set up for the appeal, cited the Koran in his ruling, writing "Tolerance is the basic principle of Islam" and noting the religion condemns injustice and oppression.

Funny guy! Let's see how long you and your family members survive in the famously peaceful and tolerant country of Pakistan. A political party in Pakistan has already called for the deaths of these three judges.

Insulting Islam's prophet is punishable by death under Pakistani law, and blasphemy accusations stir such emotions that they are almost impossible to defend against. Dozens have been killed following blasphemy claims, sometimes by mobs of men.

Rights groups say the blasphemy law is exploited by religious extremists as well as ordinary Pakistanis to settle personal scores. The law does not clearly define blasphemy and evidence might not be reproduced in court for fear of committing a fresh offence.

The Muslims in Pakistan are already offering a reward for her murder:

Now, Bibi may be targeted for assassination when she is released. Islamists have placed a bounty on her head of 50 million rupees ($375,000). Salman Taseer, a brave Muslim who was governor of Pakistan's Punjab province, was murdered just for expressing support for her. Pakistan's federal Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, was also murdered for defending Bibi.

Those crazies in Vermont

So brave.

That phantom privilege

There is no hate speech, unless there is also anti-White hate speech. Right now, the media harangues Whites as collectively guilty for the former, and denies Whites collective or individual suffering for the latter.

This is untenable. The D+P=W tension is straining the last strands of American social cohesion. Something’s gonna give. If one group keeps getting shat upon, eventually that group will stop offering their faces as a toilet.

Standards are for White people. Coloreds get a giant pass. The most visible and surreal way this takes place is when it comes to Whites vs. Blacks.

Blacks say nigger nigger nigger in a song. BECOME MILLIONAIRES.

Whites say nigger in any context. BIGOT! FIRED! ERASED!

Discriminate against White people in university admissions. PROGRESSIVE!

Discriminate against Blacks in any context. RACIST! NAZI! DIE!

Eventually, Whites will come together and form their own country. Then, the colored groups will be left to kill each other to attain power. Of course, this will be blamed on Whites.

Lots of smoke

The distribution issues that have plagued the cannabis industry in the first 12 days of legalization are threatening to significantly impact the financial performance of major licensed producers, predicts GMP Securities analyst Martin Landry.

“The extremely limited distribution network in many provinces, fulfillment challenges in Ontario, inventory shortage in Quebec and LPs coping with limited availability of excise stamps may take several months to be resolved,” Landry wrote in a Monday morning note. “It becomes increasingly clear that recreational cannabis sales in 2018 will be much lower than previously expected.”

The LPs have been under tremendous financial constraint for the whole year since they have had to build up inventory for legalization. Plus, they have to deal with the legal lunacy of ten provinces. New Brunswick and Newfoundland were ready on day one. British Columbia has one store and the largest province of Canada has exactly zero retail stores!

Of course, the LPs aren't going to meet the lofty expectations in the short run. The analyst ought to take the blame for his dumb forecast.

Because of these logistical hiccups, GMP has downgraded its forecast of four major cannabis companies — Canopy Growth, Emblem Corp., Cronos Group and CannTrust Holdings.

Canopy Growth in particular, according to Landry, could see its FY19 sales affected not just because of distribution issues, but also because of a market strategy that involved only selling one strain of product on the OCS website.

"One strain"? On October 17, Canopy had eight different products in stock.

Today, Canopy has the following four products in stock:

They had two from DNA Genetics and two Tweed-branded for sale earlier but now those are out of stock. I would be very surprised to learn if they all count as "one strain".

Under the bus you go!

So many snowflakes in Toronto and it's only October!

An exclusive Toronto private school for girls has fired its principal for hosting an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice without warning students about its anti-Semitic content.

Firing her wasn't enough. History must itself atone:

After the school announced her departure and named a replacement on Monday, it set about removing all reference to Carlisle from its webpage and social media. A spokesperson said this was done in error by a junior employee, and the school is not trying to erase her from history. Pictures of her, for example, were restored late Monday.

Where's the weed?

Canada May Not Have Enough Legal Weed for a Year:

Dan Sutton is blunt about why he thinks licensed producers in Canada don’t have enough legal weed to supply demand right now.

“Most of these guys they’ve been wearing pinstripe suits their whole career. They’ve never spent any time on a farm and they don’t know shit about agriculture,” Sutton, founder of BC-based LP Tantalus Labs, told VICE. [...]

“Most licensed producers still have no idea how to cultivate cannabis in a repeatable way,” he said. He noted Tantalus Labs, which operates a 75,000 square-foot-grow, took two years to design its greenhouse and another two to build it. But he says others in the industry have set up facilities within months, which he doesn’t think is enough time to ensure they are running optimally.

A simple question:

Legalization has been years in the making in Canada, so why don’t we have enough weed?

Answer: Legalization has been years in the making but the bill to legalize recreational cannabis passed on June 19, 2018. Canada officially passed the bill just four months ago.

In the past few years, who would have given the licensed producers, literally, hundreds of millions of dollars to design and build greenhouses to harvest marijuana which they couldn't sell?

Forget that level of capital, the legal marijuana business in Canada was so distasteful a few years ago that the largest licensed producer lost its bank account! Yup, a big bank told Canopy Growth Corporation to find another institution for its account(s). CGC went to a credit union which was more than happy to accept its business. This only changed in January earlier this year when Bank of Montreal decided to do a bought deal financing for Canopy.

So, to answer the question in short:

  1. Legalization bill was passed only four months ago.
  2. Before 2018, banks treated marijuana businesses like shit.

Also, the founder of Tantalus Labs stated that his 75,000 square feet operation took four years of effort to design and build. Canopy Growth has 4.3 million square feet of licensed grow space in Canada. Had Canopy tried to be "optimal", then Canada would have an even bigger shortage.

Also, math is hard:

Reached by VICE, Tilray, which had a market cap as high as $20 billion in September but has seen its stock drop by about half since its record high, said it expects to have more flower and oil varieties available “soon.”

"Drop by about half"? The all-time high: $300. Today: $90. That's a 70% drop.

Brazilians love Bolsonaro

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland offered no words of praise today for Brazil's new president-elect — far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro — choosing instead to congratulate Brazilians on exercising their right to vote in a contentious election in South America's largest country.

Jair Bolsonaro is a blunt guy:

Bolsonaro has long been a source of controversy in Brazil, appalling his many critics while energizing his base of supporters who admire what they see as his 'straight talk'.

He has directed much of his ire at homosexuals. He said he'd rather see his son die in an accident than come out as gay, adding he could never love a gay son. "If a gay couple came to live in my building, my property will lose value. If they walk around holding hands, kissing, it will lose value!" he said in an interview with Playboy magazine.

He once told a congresswoman that he wouldn't rape her because she was too ugly and thus didn't deserve it.

He described fathering a daughter, after having had four sons, as "a moment of weakness." He said he understood why some employers prefer to hire men over women because women have access to more costly labour rights, such as maternity leave.

Wow. Just wow. I just. Can't even. Wow.

Seriously, the US, Hungary, Italy, and Brazil have all elected right-wing leaders in the last two years. The media and Leftist politicians don't want to think about the reasons behind this dramatic shift. All they do is point and say: VERY BAD MEN!

Ugly Appeasement

Hurting the feelings of savages is NOT okay!

Defaming the Prophet Muhammed “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate" and "could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace” and thus exceeds the permissible limits of freedom of expression, ruled the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday, upholding a lower court decision.

Again, this goes to show that the European elites simply don't give a flying fuck about the fate of the native citizens. They open the doors, import millions of barbarians, and then order the average European to keep his mouth shut or else.

Consider the following statement: It's evil for a 53-year-old man to rape a 9-year-old girl. Muslims would find that statement to be deeply offensive. Let's make it more general: It's immoral to keep slaves; any person found guilty of this should be put behind bars. Again, that's, indirectly, condemning the so-called Prophet Muhammad. Satiria catches on to this very quickly:

The least violent option for the Europeans is to elect better leaders who will kick out the Muslims who can then be perpetually offended in their native shitholes.

Australia vs. Pakistan

Today, Australia started their innings with a bang when Carey scored an awesome 20 runs in the first over. It showed what they're capable of but then, again, they crumbled. What must be worrying for the administration is that the players don't last the entire 20 overs.

It is highly unusual for Australia to go winless in an entire tour and that too against Pakistan. For the Aussies, their best and most memorable performance was a tough draw in the first Test. Their T20I performances were so stunningly bad that their top scorer in the series is a bowler.

Let's see if the Kiwis can do better ...

Hamdan has to go back

An enthusiastic supporter of ISIS will be kicked out of Canada:

A Jordanian arrested in British Columbia over social media posts that allegedly supported the so-called Islamic State and “lone wolf” terrorist attacks has been ordered deported from Canada.

In a ruling Friday, the Immigration and Refugee Board found that Othman Ayed Hamdan was a danger to the security of Canada, saying he had served the “social media agenda” of the terrorist group.

Hamdan has been living in Canada since 2002. Canada accepted him as a refugee. This is how he repaid his host:

[...] his immigration troubles were the result of dozens of messages he posted on Facebook in 2014 and 2015. In his posts, he identified a B.C. dam and an Ontario bridge as possible targets.

He also called Martin Couture-Rouleau, who killed Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in an Oct. 20, 2014 attack, a “hero for hitting evil Canadian forces on their soil.” He referred to Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who murdered Cpl. Nathan Cirillo two days later, as a martyr.

The students of Islam

The Taliban killed an Afghan woman accused of adultery and her lover in western Ghor province after it was discovered that she had fled her husband to be with another man, an Afghan official said.

Surely, there was a thorough trial which proved that the woman was guilty.

Khatebi said it all happened on Wednesday, the Taliban detained the two, carried out a swift self-styled trial and handed down a death sentence for both.

The article provides a photo of a couple of pukka Muslims with their AK-47s of peace.

AK-47s of peace

Mediocre vaginas

Women want equal benefits while not possessing equal talent and popularity:

FIFA president Gianni Infantino says doubling the total prize money for women's World Cup teams to $30 million US is progress. However, the total prize money will be $440 million for the men's teams at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The FIFA council on Friday ratified the financial package for the 2019 Women's World Cup in France, increasing the total prize money from $15 million won by the U.S. women at the 2015 World Cup. Several players' unions involving the U.S., Australia, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand raised concerns about the inequities to the world soccer governing body ahead of the council decision.

David Smith has the best reply in the comments section:

Good news for 15-tear-old boys. Since you play better than women's team, you are entitled to millions. As well as press & promotionals, because, equality.

Fake White, Fake Bombs

A registered Democrat was caught sending fake bombs:

The FBI “arrested” their patsy in the Great Fake Bomb False Flag attacks of 2018. His name is Cesar Sayoc. He has a criminal history. The Chaimstream Media are labeling him a “White male”. Hmm….


These Fake Bombs two weeks before the elections are so obviously a scam because even the dumbest right-wing patriot would know that mailing bombs to prominent Dems and media would effectively make martyrs of them and tip the midterm election momentum in their direction. So Cesar Sayoc is INCREDIBLY stupid, a dupe, or an agent provocateur. Maybe he should have taken bomb-making tips from Ahmed the Clock Boy.

The Narrative

Most Americans Say Their Finances Haven’t Improved Under Trump.

That's the news headline. Think about what it communicates, then read this:

Respondents were asked the question: “Compared with two years ago, is your personal financial situation better, worse or about the same?” Forty-five percent of the 1,001 people polled during the last week of September answered “about the same,” 17 percent said they were worse off, and 38 percent said their financial situation had improved.

Of course. A better headline would be: Only 17% of Americans say that they're financially worse off since Trump became president. But that would make Trump look good and we can't have that.

"Poverty" wage

It's hilarious and predictable that in the middle of talking about greedy Walmart, they also malign the fat cats as hateful towards Blacks and women!

The most important point in the video is that Walmart has razor-thin margins: under $3 for every $100 of items sold. If Walmart completely stopped building new stores and used the total profit from last year for raising wages for their employees, then the increase in the hourly wage of every worker will be approximately ... $2.20.

Today, the starting hourly wage at Walmart is $11. The rough maximum for such an employee would be $13.20. The entire profit of Walmart is not enough for a baseline wage of $15 per hour.

The Titan delivers

Virat Kohli is the best Indian batsmen in the game today. His record stands pretty well against one of the greatest batsmen in history:

Given that they are arguably the two most iconic modern-day ODI batsmen, it was quite fitting that Kohli emulated Tendulkar in reaching the 10,000-run mark in style: Tendulkar had reached his landmark by scoring 139 against Australia in Indore in 2001; Kohli went past the landmark with an unbeaten 157 against West Indies in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. They are the only batsmen to reach this landmark with centuries. With Kohli smashing Tendulkar's record of fastest to 10,000 ODI runs in terms of innings, it is a good time to compare Kohli's current stats with Tendulkar's, at the time the latter reached the landmark.

The Little Master was ahead during his time:

During the period after he started opening the batting, Tendulkar scored a hundred every 6.86 innings when batting in the top four, compared to other top-four batsmen who scored one every 24.7 innings. That means Tendulkar was around 3.6 times better than the others batting in the top four during that period. For Kohli, that ratio is about 3.11, which shows clearly that scoring hundreds has become a lot easier now than in the first half of Tendulkar's era. These ratios indicate just how remarkable both batsmen have been in their rates of scoring hundreds, but Tendulkar was at an even higher level compared to his peers, than Kohli has been in the current era.


Kohli will turn 30 next month. The World Cup is next year. Kohli's Indians are definitely serious contenders for the trophy.

Ugly colors

Discriminating against colored people is bigoted!, racist!, and hateful!

What about discriminating against Whites? Oh, that's just super-progressive!

What an atrocious selection. Most of them look like they are drug addicts or afflicted with some hideous disease. 

Culinary assault!

A woman raped her sisters with food:

A woman has opened up about how she used smoothies to fatten up her bridesmaids before her wedding day. Penny says she made a special smoothie for her sisters, who would be bridesmaids at her wedding, every morning. They never knew what was in it or that the intention was to make them fat.


"By the time my wedding rolled around, each of my sisters had to have their dress altered to accommodate their thickening waistlines."

Such is the mentality of mediocre humans: ruin others to make yourself look better.

The God Emperor

Piers Morgan:

President Trump is winning. There is simply no other way to fairly interpret the fact that he’s just hit a new high in his approval rating. Even better for Trump, he’s officially more popular than his predecessor Barack Obama was at the exact same stage of his first tenure as President.

Morgan has been telling the Left for years to not underestimate Trump but the "smart" clowns just don't listen. The fake news is real.

[...] the US mainstream media has become the boy that cried wolf. Their constant collective outrage over every tiny thing Trump says, tweets or does – much of it driven by commercial self-interest - has had the inevitable effect of diluting the impact of that outrage. Barely a week goes by without some supposed new ‘Trump crisis’ fuelling wall-to-wall cable news coverage and dire predictions of impeachment or even jail time for the President.

Yet within a few days, each ‘administration-threatening scandal’ dissolves into a giant nothing-burger.

The worst charge was "tax cuts for the rich". Average Americans definitely noticed the lying media when they saw significant reductions in their federal taxes.

Liberal celebrities are just as bad, relentlessly shrieking away on social media about their hatred for Trump – seemingly oblivious to the fact that nobody cares any more. We just assume all celebrities hate him because they think it’s ‘cool’ to do so.

The NPCs are so predictable.

Here's what the media rarely mentions:

In less than two years, Trump’s got two nominees onto the Supreme Court, entrenching a Conservative majority.

He’s slashed taxes, and regulations – sparking a boom in the US economy that shows no sign of stopping, a surge in jobs and record low unemployment.

Trump’s forged a peaceful dialogue with North Korea, launched a trade war with China that many think is long overdue, withdrawn from the obviously flawed Iran nuclear deal and Trans-Pacific Partnership, forced Mexico and Canada to update NAFTA, bullied NATO countries into paying their bills, and bombed ISIS out of Iraq and Syria.

High Hummingbird

Having won the Academy of Chocolate’s 2016 Golden Bean for making the world’s best bean-to-bar chocolate, the Almonte couple behind Hummingbird Chocolate Maker have to wonder if one day their company might be comparably recognized by the High Times Cannabis Cup.

That’s because Hummingbird, which was launched in 2011 by Erica and Drew Gilmour, recently partnered with Canopy Growth Corp., the Smiths Falls-based, publicly traded marijuana company, to press ahead with creating a THC-laced chocolate product that could arguably appeal to gourmets who fancy a tasty buzz.

That's quite the move -- bringing chocolate back to the Hershey's factory that was abandoned. Of course, if the government refuses to allow cannabis-infused chocolates next year, then this will turn into pricey symbolism.

The A to Z Grinch

Employees across the country are accusing Amazon of ruining Christmas with its Oct. 2 decision to raise the minimum wage to $15.

[...] “We plan our lives around our pay,” says a fulfillment center worker in the Midwest. “How many families just got their holiday season cut to shreds?”

What did Amazon do?

Employees got restricted stock units, shares that would vest after a certain amount of time at the company, as well as variable compensation pay, or VCP. In non-Amazon jargon, it’s essentially a form of incentive pay. For most of the year, VCP allowed people to make a monthly bonus of up to 8% if they had good attendance and the facility met its goals.

However, in October, November and December — peak sales season for Amazon, which shipped more than 1 billion items during the 2016 holidays — maximum VCP would double to 16% in many locations.

Then, Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15. It was funny when so many employees cheered the news. Oh, Amazon isn't a charity.

Then came Oct. 2. The company wiped out VCP and (much of) the stock program in one fell swoop.

Still, that's $30,000 a year with two weeks off. That's a reasonable baseline.

Foolish bunny

A very expensive way to commit suicide:

THE Playboy model jailed for posing nude inside an Egyptian temple has now flashed for a shocking photo shoot wearing a burka inside the iconic Hagia Sophia mosque.

Belgian Marisa Papen made headlines around the world after she was imprisoned for posing naked at the Karnak Temple Complex near the Egyptian city of Luxor.

She better have a few bodyguards or some Muslim will collect her head for "disrespect".

Attention whore

Shawn Ahmed says he knew he wanted to participate, as soon as he learned the CRTC asked to hear, in person, from consumers frustrated by their telecom service provider.

"For the average consumer, this affects every one of us," says Ahmed, a Rogers customer who outlined in his submission to the CRTC concerns that he was misled about price.

Then, later, comes this surreal detail:

Ahmed, 37, says that as a gay Muslim and social media activist, he has received death threats and has had to resort to worshipping online to protect his safety. He says the internet is not a luxury like cable TV, it's crucial.

"For people on the margins, like the elderly, disabled or immigrants, we use it as a lifeline," says Ahmed.

"Protect his safety"? He just plastered his name and face in a news story which can be accessed by any Muslim who wants to make a homosexual fly.

Layers of stupidity and errors

MPAI: Most People Are Idiots. One might think that, at least, the pilot of an aircraft wouldn't be in that category but alas:

Many accidents occur in which the crew do everything right while the aircraft crashes and nobody survives. Here, the pilot made sure to ignore protocol and do almost everything wrong, killing over a hundred people in the asinine process. Air-bus, indeed.

The scholars of South Africa

A massive 82lb rock used to smash in the skull of a university student after she was kidnapped and brutally gang-raped has been presented in court. The two-foot by one-foot by one-foot boulder had been used to cover a borehole and was slammed down on Hannah Cornelius's head twice as she was held down, a court was told. [...] Hannah, 21, would almost certainly have died instantly according to experts. However, to make sure, one of her killers also plunged a knife into her neck.

Of course, this story will get 24/7 coverage in the mass media.

Vernon Witbooi, 33, Geraldo Parsons, 27, Nashville Julius, 29, and Eben Van Nieberk, 28, face charges including murder, kidnap, robbery and rape.

Wait, those were Blacks who kidnapped, raped, and then murdered a White girl.

Narrative: does not hold. MSM status: ignore.

The fruits of socialism

Some people learn the hard way:

As night approached, Sandra Cadiz wrapped her shivering daughter in a blanket and prayed for a ride up the frigid Colombian mountaintop known as “the icebox.”

The mother and daughter had fled Venezuela on foot, joining more than 650 migrants who walk away from the collapsing nation each day because they cannot afford a plane or bus ticket. Cadiz knew not everyone survived the trek across dangerous borders and an unforgiving terrain, but she feared staying in Venezuela would mean her already malnourished daughter going hungry.

How did this poor woman end up in this situation?

When Venezuela’s oil-rich economy was booming, her small stand selling candy, cigarettes and cellphone minutes paid for meat on the dinner table. And when a charismatic socialist named Hugo Chavez became president in 1999, she enthusiastically added Venezuelan flags and hats to her sales racks.

In those early years, she bought chicken, sugar, milk, even Kraft mayonnaise. After she won a seat on a new local council, the government rewarded her with a free two-bedroom apartment, where she marveled at the clear water that came out of the faucets.

Now, she's running away from the shithole that she helped to create.

[...] customers no longer had cash to spend at Cadiz’s store, and she struggled to feed Angelis, who a doctor said was at least 10 pounds underweight. She wrote repeatedly to government ministers begging for help as a single mother, starting her letters with, “A revolutionary hello!” She got no response.

(Laughs.) Obviously, Venezuela didn't implement socialism in the proper manner.

The Aussies fold


Abu Dhabi really was nothing like Dubai. Over in the nation's most global city, Australia batted out 140 overs in blazing sunshine to thwart Pakistan's hopes of a win. Here in the capital under clouds and a slight drizzle, it took Mohammad Abbas and his teammates barely 50 overs to scythe through an Australian side that looked as feeble as the worst pessimist had feared a fortnight ago.

Australia scored an incredible 362/8 in the last innings to save the first Test. They were all out for a combined 309 runs in two innings in the second Test! Khawaja being injured didn't help but even he couldn't have changed the final outcome. Abbas was the chief destroyer. He should be getting his ODI debut soon.

Retarded standards for Whites

The insanity never ends:

Remember when shitlibs were about sexual freedom? Yeah, that’s over now. “Sexual racism” is the latest preprogrammed NPC line, and Globohomo, Inc has decided it’s time to stamp out the freedom of sexual choice in the name of encouraging more miscegenation.

My body, my choice? Not anymore.

Your racist body, our corrective choice.

You think this hyperbole. Oh no, if only. Mongrelization is now the openly stated goal for White nations and White people.

I've also seen cries of what can be called "sexual sexism". Isn't it horribly sexist that the overwhelming majority of men do not date ... other men!?

The dumb Dutch

The Magic Dirt isn't working in Europe:

Dominque De Vries, the owner of construction company DSPPM gave the nine men a two-year contract, but his warm gesture backfired.

“They’ve stayed for a week, because they didn’t want to work fulltime (40 hours) … Afterwards I did not see them again,” De Vries says.

The project between the company and the asylum seeker was even started by the mayor and the construction company invested heavily to educate the nine men.

Why would the rapefugees work when they can get free money from the government?