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The demonic diversity

Ruqaya Izzidien: Immigrants don't need to integrate, you do.

That's the actual title of an op-ed by a Muslim woman in the UK.

A 12-year-old classmate who had prematurely developed the unsolicited counsel skills of his gammon elders: I really think it's time you move on from your religion.

"What do you eat in your country?"

"I didn't expect someone like you to be a fast runner."

"Your arms are so hairy. Your eyebrows are too thick."

"Tell me about your hair."

"Your hair."

"Your hair."

That's so much worse than the treatment of Jewish immigrants in Saudi Arabia.

The term integration is bandied about like it's a magic elixir: If the immigrants and their children would just speak English and go to the school fete and the village show, then xenophobia would disappear.

But integration - an already problematic concept that should be abandoned in favour of acceptance - is a myth, at least as we know it.

Indeed, integration is a myth since Muslims want to destroy the West and put sharia shitholes in its place.

In order to achieve harmony in Britain's multicultural landscape, it's not immigrants who need to integrate, it's the white majority.


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