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ODI no. 4040 - Lame surrender

The Indians couldn't get the "Hong Kong" batsmen out for 34 overs yesterday. Today, the similar bowling ripped through the Pakistani team in 43 overs. The Indians conceded an impressively low total of 162 runs. Now, they are 91/1 with 37 (!) overs remaining. This will be a steady, low-risk, demolition of Pakistan. It'll be a shocking miracle for Pakistan if India lose this one.

It's kind of sad for the spectators who bought expensive tickets to sit in the Arabian heat only to watch a boring match. Anyway, the same teams will likely meet again in the final of the tournament. Undefeated India vs. Hungry Pakistan. That should be a better contest.

Read this funny bit in the Cricinfo commentary:

Shahrukh: "Listen, I have been watching Pakistan play since before I could walk. I could tell by their faces during the national anthems they were in no mood to put in a performance for this game. We dont waste energy on inconsequential games so Relax! When the stakes are higher, then the Real Pakistan will turn up, and you all will know it. Good night!"

I've to say that there's some truth to that. It's the exact opposite of the Aussies who show up in a murderous mood in every tournament game. No wonder that they have won 4 out of the last 5 world cups.


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