Bullets of peace
Ungrateful vermin

No justice in Canada

Nothing screams progressive and enlightened like having lower standards for Black people:

An Ontario judge who is known for his heartfelt and eloquent written judgments has, for the second time, taken into account how racism may have factored into the actions of a black man found guilty of multiple gun offences, handing him a more lenient sentence.

He could've been a doctor!

Kevin Morris was 22 at the time of his arrest in 2014 when he ran from police officers, who were responding to a call about a home invasion in Scarborough and tried to stop him and three other black men. He was eventually caught and cops found a jacket he’d tried to get rid of with a loaded gun inside it.

This armed thug was robbing a home with his buddies. Remember that as you read this:

[...] These people speak of many good qualities. About the goodness of your heart,” wrote Naskaratu. “Your kindness. Your loyalty. Your selflessness. Your ability to connect with people. Your empathy.

Canadians must feel so lucky to know that this "good", "kind", "loyal", "selfless" son of a bitch is going to be free in one year to share his "empathy" with many more innocents. I'm sure this revolting judge will have nothing but concern and sympathy for the poor, little negroes when his family is at the business end of a gun while his home is stripped of wealth by another gang of future doctors.

Anyway, this whole story reminds me of Owen Stanley's The Missionaries.

Question: If it's acceptable to have lenient punishments for Blacks because OPPRESSION!, then doesn't it logically follow that Whites and Asians should get severe penalties because PRIVILEGE!? So, a rich Korean punk who breaks into a house with a loaded gun should get, like, a decade behind bars, right?


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