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Never on time: The Tesla Story

Tesla is so predictably late that this is now expected of them:

Over the last month, Electrek has received several reports from Model 3 buyers seeing delivery delays. Matt Gribben reserved a Model 3 and placed a $1,000 deposit over 2 years ago when Tesla unveiled the vehicle.

In May, he placed the actual order for the Model 3 and updated it in June when Tesla launched the Performance version.

On August 20, Gribben was told that his vehicle had been produced. Tesla gave him a VIN and a delivery date, but two days later, the automaker contacted him to tell him that there was an issue with the vehicle’s battery pack and he would be “assigned” a new car.

A few days later, they reached out again to give him a new vehicle to be delivered on August 31, but a Tesla representative called a day before the delivery date to tell him that there was actually no new Model 3 assigned and it’s now not clear when he is going to get his car.

I would bet that the two-year wait didn't bother the customer much. However, the multiple layers of incompetence in that two-week period has seriously pissed him off.


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