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A Harvard University professor claims in a new academic study that merit-based admission processes at elite universities “reproduce inequality.”

Unequal people produce unequal results in academics. Shocking!

Natasha Warikoo, the Harvard professor, is upset with native, White students.

She bemoans that, ultimately, the students she interviewed were more motivated by “self-interest” than a commitment to social justice.

“They value collective merit for its impact on themselves, not for social justice, or for the collective good of society,” she writes. “They are not espousing, for example, a vision of multiculturalism that emphasizes group identities and the need to support ethnic and racial groups.”

The best response to this comes in the comments section by Mike Larkin:

I noticed Mrs Warikoo attended a lot of elite institutions on her way from Pennsylvania to the Harvard faculty; and she certainly was 'privileged' in having 'Asian' parents that obviously pushed her to do well academically and, admittedly, her own intelligence and hard work. But not once in her bio did I see the phrase "and she gave up her opportunity to attend 'X' University to allow a poor, single-mother, Inner-city women to attend in her place." I didn't see any lines in her Harvard bio that read "and she refused the grant and asked that the money be given instead to a Navaho School to provide scholarships for poor, under-privileged native american children." She chose to teach at elite schools filled with privileged children from elite families (she taught, for instance, at the "International School in Manhattan" whose facebook page mysteriously only shows what appear to be exclusively very happily privilieged 'asian' chidren - strange, not a single inner-city or poor white appalachian share-cropper child appears in any postings from that school - they must have been out those days. Didn't she know all that time that she was benefitting from her "privileged life" and taking a postion that might have been filled by a less-qualified, but less-privileged non-asian? Funny how the students she interviewed are castigated for being all about "self-interest" because they don't like giving up what THEY worked hard to achieve - through merit being able to attend elite schools. But Mrs Warikoo doesn't see anything wrong with HER benefitting very handsomely from the same system. Don't they teach the meaning of the word 'HYPOCROCY' at Harvard or Brown or any of the other elite, only-for-the-privileged schools she attended or taught at? And we're supposed to take these people seriously?

It's fashionable to shit on White people for their "privilege" but strangely that rhetoric is absent when it comes to filthy rich Jews and obscenely wealthy Asians. What's partly funny and amusing is that those two groups would, logically, suffer the most from a system of diversity and equality.


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