White girl owns black whale
Seriously out of stock

Diversity discounts!

Thousands of items seized in a counterfeit goods investigation at a mall north of Toronto have been confirmed to be fake, according to police.

After visiting New York City to meet with brand representatives from Chanel, Dior, Cartier, Givenchy, Adidas, MCM and Supreme in August, investigators determined all merchandise obtained from the Pacific Mall in Markham, Ont., was counterfeit.

Strange that it took the police this long to act. The Asian Pacific Mall has been selling shit and accepting cash for, at least, sixteen years.

Perhaps, the police will turn their eyes next to almost all the Chinese restaurants and stores which employ many workers for $8 an hour. Of course, these people get cash but some go ahead and get welfare from the government because they're "jobless". One of my colleagues was in an Asian grocery store where the administrator made an announcement in Chinese to tell the illegal workers to scram because the place was being inspected.

Such people are not as bad as Muslims (but then who is?) but still they erode the trust of the native Canadians.


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