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Chaos and corruption

Steve Rixon gets a mild case of cultural enrichment from the Pakis:

Former Pakistan fielding coach Steve Rixon accused the PCB of "disrespect and stupidity", and said he had "not once" been paid on time. Rixon said that was the reason he quit his post after two years, deciding he "didn't need it that much", and opted to walk out than have to deal with what he believed to be a lack of professionalism on his employer's part.

Stupidity is the correct word to describe this behavior. Most sensible cricket teams don't tour Pakistan because of the constant threat of Islamic terrorism. On top of that, we've got these corrupt clowns who think they can fuck over a gora kafir and somehow replace him with another talented White guy without any consequences.

Refusing to point the finger directly at anyone, Rixon said the PCB needed to learn to treat overseas staff well. He pointed to the fact that the PCB's conduct had put off Darren Berry from replacing Rixon as Pakistan's fielding coach - the PCB's clear first choice - and forgoing the services of such professionals was "stupidity".

Did the PCB apologize and promise to do better? Of course not.

"The PCB is disappointed by the baseless allegations made by former fielding coach Steve Rixon in a recent interview," the statement read. "The PCB spokesman wishes to clarify that the Board has enjoyed cordial relations with all current and former foreign staff attached with national teams.


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